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Sunday, October 6, 2002

Austin blunder: seating fiasco at prisoner swap
Eight days after the historic prisoner swap in Omanthai, security forces top brass are still asking questions about some of the arrangements.
CBK advised to guard her tongue
Senior members of the People's Alliance have called upon President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga to exercise restraint in making public remarks and to confine herself to brief speeches on policy matters.
Charges must stay; bail possible - AG
The Attorney General's Department has refused to reduce charges against the two LTTE cadres whose release is being demanded by the LTTE in exchange for the six soldiers they have kept hostage.
PA brought into peace process
The Government and President Chandrika Kumaratunga have decided to appoint a joint committee to review the peace process as preparations get under way for the second round of talks with the LTTE later this month.
ACBC elects new head, but crisis continues
One of Sri Lanka's premier Buddhist organisations - plagued by controversy for several years - held its long-delayed elections last Sunday but ended with more charges of ballot rigging and foul play.
500 advertisements for 50-over finals
While the much awaited ICC champions Trophy final between Sri Lanka and India was washed out by rain, state television Rupavahini is facing a barrage of criticism for virtually drowning the cup final in advertisements.
Opposition against hire and fire policy
The Opposition is to oppose three Bills relating to labour laws which have been gazetted, claiming that the Government is adopting a hire and fire policy through these bills.

LTTE Kumburupiddy military wing leader Eehan is seen handing over the released soldier, Deepal Samantha, to the ICRC Trincomalee delegate, Lina Milner. Pic by Sinniah Gurunathan


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