Effortless joyfulness

Entertainment helps us to move towards a more amusing mindset than we normally have. We forget daily problems when we are entertained and the problems appear to disappear. A sense of happiness radiates through the body and the mind feels pleasant. We believe this is the way to happiness and search for more entertainment. We decide to engage in more entertaining activities and decide to spend most of our free time on entertainment.

For no reason
Joyfulness is a state of mind that occurs for no reason. When the mind lacks joyfulness it feels disheartened and continues to look for the next entertainment. When joyfulness is present, the need for entertainment appears to disappear and entertainment turns out to be less important in life. When the opportunity to be entertained arises you enjoy it, if not it does not matter. The joyful mind is not on the look out for the next entertainment. There is no continuing call for entertainment since the mind is already joyful.

Alive with joyfulness
Every child is by nature born alive with joyfulness. As a child grows adults introduce concepts such as good - bad, fame - shame, loss - profit, happiness - sorrow etc. Concepts create misery in the child and with time the child realizes that misery is linked with life. The prevailing joyfulness decreases and misery increases.

Lives freely
People who are joyful live freely. Strangely however many people in society appear to fear joyfulness. They act as if joyfulness is bad. Those who are joyful do what they feel is right and what is appropriate to them. They are not confined to a structure, but live freely.

Seems disturbed
Even though such people do not harm others, many seem to be disturbed by the way they live. Concepts accepted by the majority do not matter to the joyful person. Such a person has no need for amusement, structure and system. He has no need to safeguard. When he wants to dance; he dances. Similarly he sings, eats, drinks, sleeps, parties, meditates, writes, draws, creates and does everything as he wishes. He may work for many hours, days or months creating or completing something and at times may do nothing.

Neither good nor bad
Issues that trouble others do not trouble the joyful person. He is aware of them, yet he is not disturbed by them. If someone needs assistance, it will be given if possible. If not possible, nothing is done. He feels neither good nor bad about helping or not helping.

A majority in society are curious about such people. People living such joyful lives appear to disturb the majority. The majority feel comfortable with people who live according to a structure that they imagine to be correct. They praise them and reject those who do not fit into their structure.

No issues with the system
Some attempt to change society and create a better alternative. They feel that the prevailing system is out of place and work hard to build another system. The joyful person has no issues with the system. He has no need to be led or controlled. Neither does he desire to control others. The joyful person follows his heart and lives each moment joyfully. He lives without labels.

Often disapproved
If you request to do something that increases happiness at school or at work, you're almost sure to be stared back at and answered NO! If a child asks "may I play?" the answer often is …No! If an employee requests permission to carry out an innovative method at work, the answer often is …No! If a child asks "may I take down notes in a more effective way? the answer is often …No!. Activities that increase joyfulness, comfort and ease are often disapproved. Rather than doing what you like to do, you mostly do what makes another person happy. Stop reading and think about what you read.

How often do you get to do what you really like? How often since childhood did you get to do what you really wanted to do?

How different will your life be if you were able to do what your heart desires? How different will you be if you simply get to do more what you truly desire?

Be silent and ask these questions from your heart. Pay attention to what your hearts says and discover ways of doing what you truly want. Allow these ideas to become part of you. Allow joyfulness to awaken - gently.

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