Awaken the Unlimited Learning Ability

Imagine a group of people in the middle of a large swimming pool. Those who do not know how to swim may drown. Some may struggle and with great difficulty manage to get across. Those who are able to swim reach their destination easily and quickly. Learning also is such. Developing express learning abilities will enable you to learn easily and quickly. Awakening your unlimited learning ability that is within you lays the foundation to learning fast and easily.

The ability to learn very fast and very easily is your birth-right. You have inherited it. It is an ability you were born with. It is an ability that you had until you were six to seven years - an ability that you had that lessened gradually and also an ability, which is residing within you right now.

What you need now is to awaken this. And for this to happen:

  • You need to realize that an unlimited express learning ability lies within you
  • Believe that the express learning ability can be awakened quickly
  • Know how to awaken it

The following 2 processes will help you to awaken the unlimited learning ability within you.

Creative Visualization
Behind every creation there is another creation that occurs in your mind. When you want a shirt you think of it first and then buy it. When you need a house you think of the house you need and then build it. It is in general the same for everything including learning. In order to be an express learner the first creation needs to take place in your mind. You need to see it happening in your mind. Seeing things you want to happen in your mind is creative visualization. You create the future you desire and see it happening in your mind. How do you apply this to awaken your unlimited learning ability? Simple! You simply see yourself reading rapidly, taking notes quickly and understanding lectures easily. Avoid seeing how you learn now. Imagine that your express leaning ability has awakened and you are able to learn fast and easily. See it as if it is happening, now. Your other than conscious mind is generally a step ahead of your conscious mind. Pictures, sounds and feelings are the mode of communication with your other than conscious mind. As you creatively visualize your self as an express learner your mind allows the hidden learning abilities to be unleashed.

Ask a Better Question
American poet, painter, essayists, author and playwright E. E. Cummings once said "Always the beautiful answer to the person asking a beautiful question." When you observe carefully you'll notice that successful people quite often ask better questions from themselves. And naturally they receive better answers. Better answers give better understanding. Better understanding creates better quality of life.
What happens when you question a situation? When you question a situation, the frame or the box you believe dissolves and the situation is viewed differently. How you think and feel about the situation changes with that. Questioning increases your resourcefulness. You become more capable to face the situation. And you begin to notice solutions that you never did before.

Successful people and successful learners knowingly or unknowingly ask themselves the following questions, often.

Morning Power Questions
1. What am I happy about in my life now?
2. What are the things I am motivated to do now?
3. What do I love and who loves me?

Evening Power Questions
1. What did I learn fast today?
2. What did I give back today?
3. How will learning fast help my future?

Decide how fast you want to learn. Ask yourself these questions morning and evening. Ask better questions about learning and about how you learn throughout the day. As you ask better questions, you will get better answers. Your mind will expand. You'll begin to learn faster and easier. Your unlimited learning abilities will continue to awaken.

Dr. Priyanga de Zoysa
Bestselling Author and Self Improvement Teacher
© 2009 Brilium (Pvt) Ltd

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