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The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry

The petrol crisis was something the Finance Minister could have done without as a forerunner to what he famously called his ‘designer Budget’. The shortages hit all parts of the country throwing grave doubts over the management skills of the Government. When Sri Lanka’s economy was in the doldrums in…



On view: Wendt’s artistic world

On view: Wendt’s artistic world

Theatre-goers and art lovers in Sri Lanka are familiar with the Lionel Wendt Art Centre, but few of the younger generation would have an inkling of the artistic…

Letters to the Editor

Lessons for Putin and other leaders: Economic and social inequalities  lead to revolutions The Sunday Times deserves readers’ gratitude for its Editorial and two other articles about the Russian…


Recalling their nurturing, selfless,  unconditional and enduring love TUDOR AND BIANCA WEERASOORIYA When I was about five years old, I was given a story book in which the…

Sumitra treads unknown territory in new film

Sumitra treads unknown territory in new film

Osanda (played by Dumindu Dodanthenna), orphaned at childhood is brought up by his grandmother (Iranganie Serasinghe) and extended family. They are traditional puppet-makers from the South. A female…

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Timelessly delicious Polish cookies

Timelessly delicious Polish cookies

“My fondest and earliest memories of baking were helping my mother when she used to make…

‘Breaking The Karmic Cycle’ performed in India

One remarkable production

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Melantha brings out the music in you

Melantha brings out the music in you

Ex Mirage fame Melantha Perera and the students of Riversheen School of Music will showcase their…

Evening of French Jazz at AF DE COLOMBO

‘It’s Time’ for change – Legends FM

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Deenside Pre-School handwork exhibition

Deenside Pre-School handwork exhibition

Students of Deenside Pre-School, Nugaduwa, Galle held their handwork exhibition at the  pre-school hall recently.…

Enviromental leaders of Kirama Dhammananda

Save Us

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