The baby elephant ran behind his mother as fast as he could. The sound of crackers and people chasing them away, scared him a lot. They kept on running until they felt safe, deep in the jungle. Then he looked at his mother and asked, “Why did they chase us off? Why were they so [...]


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The baby elephant ran behind his mother as fast as he could. The sound of crackers and people chasing them away, scared him a lot. They kept on running until they felt safe, deep in the jungle. Then he looked at his mother and asked, “Why did they chase us off? Why were they so angry with us? We didn’t do anything wrong!”

They baby elephant’s mother pulled him near with her trunk and said,
“People don’t like it when we go near their houses!”
“Then why do we go there?” asked the little elephant.

“We don’t have enough food for the whole herd in the jungle anymore! The jungle is getting smaller and smaller,” replied his mother.
“But why is the jungle getting smaller?” asked the little elephant.
“People keep clearing the jungle. They are cutting down trees. The jungle used to be much bigger when I was small. Even where people live now belonged to the jungle back then!” the little elephant’s mother said, sounding very worried.

“And now they chase us off from what
was once ours!”
“Why are people like that mother?” asked the baby elephant feeling sad.
“They don’t care about the jungle
or the animals,” replied his mother sounding very worried.

Meanwhile deep in the ocean, a baby dolphin struggled for his life. His tail was caught in something and he couldn’t swim. Dolphins have to swim to the surface of the sea every now and then for a breath of air. But now the little dolphin couldn’t swim, so he was struggling for air.
The baby dolphin’s mother pushed and bit the piece of plastic waste that was tangled to the little dolphin’s tail. Finally she managed to save him and they quickly swam towards the surface to breathe. The baby dolphin was very scared about what happened. “What was that thing mother?” he asked his mother.
“The garbage that gets washed to the sea,” sighed his mother. “The ocean bed was so clean and beautiful when we were small. There were such beautiful corals and clear sand at the bottom of the sea. But now it’s covered with such dirt!”

The little dolphin looked at the discarded bottles, polythene, plastic and other garbage scattered all over.
“They are not only ugly but dangerous for us too. See what happened to you! Many sea creatures die because of this waste,” the baby dolphin’s mother said.
“Where does all this come from?”
the baby dolphin wondered.

“People!” sighed his mother, “They not only pollute the earth but also the ocean!”
“But why do people do that?” asked the baby dolphin.
“Because they are selfish and careless!” replied his mother.
In the middle of the desert, a baby camel was walking with his mother under the blazing hot sun. The sand was hot like burning coal. There was nothing to be seen for miles and miles other than endless sand dunes.

Far away, the baby camel could see an oasis. That was a small area in the desert, where a few trees and plants grew and there was a little bit of water. It was cooler and greener in there. The little camel was happy because they were heading that way.
The baby camel was very tired and thirsty, because of the unbearable heat. He couldn’t even look up at the sky because the sun was shining like a fire ball. “Why can’t it be like the oasis everywhere?” he muttered sadly.

“It was like that a long, long time ago,” replied his mother. “I have heard that very long ago there were trees and that there were even rivers and streams flowing around here.”
“Really?” asked the little camel in surprise. “But why did it all change?
What happened?”

“People!” scoffed his mother, “they cut the trees and ruined the land. Rain became scarce and the rivers dried up. The weather changed and the land was ruined!”
“But why did they do that?” asked the little camel feeling shocked after hearing all this. “Because people don’t care about the trees, rivers or land,” answered his mother angrily.

Far, far away from humans, in the Arctic covered in ice and snow, played a baby polar bear. It was extremely cold and freezing. The little polar bear jumped on to a small iceberg. But it cracked and he fell into the icy water. He came swimming and climbed on to where his mother was.
“Careful!” warned his mother, “the ice isn’t as strong as it was. When we were small there were icebergs strong enough to carry all the polar bears around here. But now the ice is thin and melting. It isn’t strong the way it used to be back then!”

“Why is that mother?” asked the little polar bear.
“The glaciers are melting and the ice cracks easily. The weather isn’t what it used to be when we were small!” answered his mother.
“But why has it changed so much?” asked the little polar bear.

“People!” growled his mother, “they ruin everything!”
“But there are no people around here.
I haven’t even seen one yet,” said the
baby polar bear in surprise.

“They don’t have to be here,” sighed his mother. “At the rate they are polluting and destroying the environment, the whole world is being affected. Soon there won’t be any animals left on earth!”
“But doesn’t it affect people too?” asked the little polar bear.
“It does!” replied his mother, “but they are too stupid to realize that! Because of their behaviour, it’s not only them but all the animals, plants and the whole world suffer!”

The baby elephant, the baby dolphin, the baby camel and the baby polar bear looked up at the sky. They all wished for only one thing, that people would stop hurting the earth, its animals and plants. That people would stop polluting the earth and learn to love and care for the environment they live in.

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