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Sirisena, Yes or No

‘Muddling through’ is a phrase familiar to Constitutional studies pundits. It is mostly associated with the unwritten Constitution of the United Kingdom and how for years, the British political system has generally conducted its business by ‘muddling through’. In more recent times, the phrase has been used to describe the…



In search of little known heroines

In search of little known heroines

Philippa Gregory found Mary Boleyn when she was hunting for a female pirate. It was in a book about the Tudor navy that she discovered a ship named…

Fire, drums… let the lit show begin

Sri Lanka’s most anticipated literary event, the Fairway Galle Literary Festival 2017 opened on Wednesday, January 11 to a packed audience at Galle Fort’s historic Law Court  Square…

A man of hope who realised his dream

A man of hope who realised his dream

The Sunday Hindi movie on the black and white television screen installed in the first SOS Children’s Village in Greenfields, India in the late ’60s by J.N. Kaul,…

South Asian women and decision making

South Asian women and decision making

The dawn of a new year usually brings about new resolve, enhanced purpose, renewed energy and new opportunities. My New Year dawned with a smattering of all of…

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All doors open to holistic care

All doors open to holistic care

Kumudini Hettiarachchi reports on a one stop unique medical facility, a first in the private health…

A mango a day could keep many things at bay

Stand right, sit right

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‘Guitar Fest 2017’

‘Guitar Fest 2017’

The seventh festival of Guitar Music  ‘Guitar Fest 2017’will come on stage from 20th to 26th…

Annesley Malawana’s  50 Year Reflection on DVD

Evening of felicitation and music

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Funday Times

King Rajasinghe captures Negombo

King Rajasinghe captures Negombo

This article is part of a continuing series  on Sri Lankan history A Dutch leader named…

Kids Essays

Rose Buds Montessori annual concert

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