Peacock Do you know the peacock is the most beautiful bird in the animal world? Its habitat is open country, scrubland, chena, grassy borders of tanks. Peacocks are usually seen in the Southern, Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka. The peacock is not a common bird in Sri Lanka. It is the national bird [...]

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Do you know the peacock is the most beautiful bird in the animal world? Its habitat is open country, scrubland, chena, grassy borders of tanks. Peacocks are usually seen in the Southern, Northern and Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka.

The peacock is not a common bird in Sri Lanka. It is the national bird of India and it is associated with Lord Kataragama. It is considered to be Lord Kataragama’s vehicle. Therefore pictures and statues are seen in Hindu kovils and temples.

The colours of a peacock’s feathers are blue, yellow, green, red and dark orange. The male peacocks have a feather train. We have encroached on their natural habitat by constructing highways and roads. Peacocks are usually seen on the Southern Express Highway in the Galle – Matara stretch. When vehicles pass by, the poor peacocks fly away. Some get hit by passing vehicles and die on the spot. But we need highways to develop the country. But we must protect their habitat.

Hiruki Weragala (Grade 5)
Visakha Vidyalaya

If I have a super power for one day
When I was sleeping in my bed I saw a lovely dream. I was going to a little cottage and I saw a small house. In front of that house there was something written on a piece of paper. “If you want to be super, come here!”

When I saw that, I went inside and then I saw a witch. When I saw her I got scared. I asked her, “What is your name?” She replied, “My name is Bidinga.” “Oh, so can you turn me into a Super Girl?” “Yes,” said Bidinga, “Listen to me. You should find a rose flower and sprinkle some water and drink the nectar.”

Then I did the same and I became a Super Girl. I flew and I helped other people and I became very famous. I helped people in danger. I went back to Bidinga and I thanked her.
Then I heard my sister crying
and my parents called me to get up! Then I realised it was only a dream.

Methumi Liyanage (8 years)
Horizon College Int., Malabe


My favourite teacher
My favourite teacher is Ms. Cassim. She is very pretty. She teaches our studies well. She is a good teacher. She does hard work for us. She is our sectional head. She teaches us Maths, ERA and Sinhala. She is very kind and loving. She makes sure that we understand the subjects well. Ms. Cassim is strict but she never acts angry with us. She teaches us good manners. I love my teacher very much.

Shevan Fernando (Grade 4)
S. Thomas’ College, Mt. Lavinia

My mother
My mother’s name is Mirulalani.
She works as a teacher. She is so kind and beautiful. She cooks all my favourite food. She helps me with my studies. She also scolds me when I do something wrong. I sleep with her. She looks beautiful in a saree. I love my mother and she loves me too.

Heamashaarugi Sethu (6 years)
Royal Institute, Kirulapone

The proudest moment of my life
It was December 9, I woke up early and was very eager to go to school. It was the last day of our first term. Children would receive their report cards and their positions. I kept wondering what my position would be and I couldn’t even have my breakfast properly.

I sat in my classroom along with my friends when the teacher came in and informed us that the assembly to give away the reports of the first three positions in each class would begin in  15 minutes. My legs started to tremble and i became very anxious.

Finally we were called downstairs for the assembly. All class teachers stood in order. Our principal was there too. Each teacher came forward and announced the names. Now it was my class teacher’s turn. My heart was beating faster and I prayed to God nonstop. Suddenly she announced my name! I was stunned. Everyone clapped and cheered. I proudly walked on stage feeling very happy and collected the report from the principal.
I saw my mother also clapping, smiling and cheering. This was the first time that I came first in class after so many years. Everyone congratulated me and I was still surprised. I was smiling the whole time and I enjoyed my last day of the term very mush. This was the proudest moment of my life.

Amal Gaffoor
(12 years)
Royal Institute Girls School

Chicken curry
When my mother cooks chicken it smells so nice. The colour of the chicken curry is brown. It is very tasty. She adds lots of natural ingredients.
She buys it from the Food City. First she washes them. Then she cuts them. After that she cooks the chicken. It is the best chicken curry I have tasted. I like eating chicken curry.

Udara Weerasekara (Grade 3)
Vidyaloka Model School, Hingurakgoda


What is ‘Gratitude’? It is very similar to respect. We show gratitude everywhere, at any place, to anyone. We show our gratitude to elders, our parents, our religious leaders and many more.
Here is an example for showing gratitude, which is given by Lord Buddha. After attaining Buddhahood, Lord Buddha spent seven weeks. In the first week, he meditated under a Bo tree, which was when he attained Buddhahood. As to show gratitude towards the Bo tree, Lord Buddha looked at the holy tree without a single blink of an eye. This is a great example of showing gratitude.
We can show gratitude to anyone who helped us, and as a matter of fact, we must show gratitude towards everyone. Let’s show our gratitude towards everyone.

Lihini Wijesekara (11 years)
Lyceum Int. School, Wattala


My name is Abhilash. My class is Grade 2A. My favourite subject is Maths. I like to eat apples. I love animals. My parents are doctors. I have one brother. He is younger than me. My school is Richmond College, Galle.

Abhilash Karunanayake
(7 years)
Richmond College, Galle


My trip to Ella
During December we went on a trip. It was a nice journey. We went by train to Ella. The train started off at Peradeniya. We passed the highest elevation Pattipola. We went to the mini Adam’s Peak and the Nine Arch Bridge.
The hotel we stayed in was called Zion View. We had a comfortable room. Outside the room we could see beautiful mountains. When we were coming they served lunch. I enjoyed my trip to Ella.

Methuki Medagama (7 years)
Hillwood College, Kandy


My garden
My garden is very beautiful. I like my garden. There are many vegetables in my garden. There are many fruits in my garden. There are many kinds of trees. There are many flowers in my garden. There are many butterflies in my garden. My garden is very big.

Danuska (Grade 2)
Jennings Int. College, Nainamadama


Newspapers – an important source of knowledge
We live in an age where lots of information sources are available. But newspapers will continue to be around, no matter what.
The newspapers bring us news of most things that are happening in the country and around the world. They have something for everyone. The weekend papers have more pages and sections than the dailies.
The headlines in a newspaper give the gist of the news items. There are notices, stories, foreign news, sports news, advertisements and many other articles in the newspapers. Every newspaper has an editorial. Writing the editorial is usually the editor’s responsibility. Newspapers are very interesting to read. We learn many exciting facts from newspapers.

Fathima Zaheera (Grade 10)
Newstead Girls’ College, Negombo


Dream for my country

I dream of a beautiful tomorrow for my motherland. I want my country to be the best country in the world. I would like to see law and order everywhere. I don’t like home for elders. I want children to take care of their parents with love and care. They should enjoy their old days with their children. I wish to help the beggars by building them houses and to help their children study.

I dream to keep the environment clean and nice. It would be a great idea to impose a heavy fine on those who harm the environment and on those who throw litter. I would like to see beautiful trees planted along roads and highways. It would be a beautiful view to see trees and flowers all around us.

Many crimes happen because of alcohol. Alcohol is called ‘the mother of all evils.’ Families break, murders, rape and accidents happen under the influence of alcohol. So I wish my beloved Sri Lanka to be free of crime. People should live peacefully with love and compassion, no matter what their religion.

This is my big dream for my country. I pray to God that these dreams come true for a peaceful and beautiful Sri Lanka.

Shahamath Noordeen (12 years)
Holy Family Balika, Enderamulla

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