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Historic victory for investigative journalism

The world was shaken up this week with the leaks of the ‘Panama Papers’ exposing the financial shenanigans of world leaders, past and present. They showed how such leaders of men, women and nations and their business side-kicks hid their embezzled wealth in tax havens around the world and thereby…



April flavours

April flavours

When April beckons, there are three events which truly herald its advent. The first is the enthusiastic blossoming of ehela trees. Aptly nicknamed ‘Golden Shower’, clusters of gloriously…

Demons, self journeys and shared histories

As one of the Gratiaen trustees remarked at the shortlist for the Gratiaen Prize, it seemed poetically apt to have an event which celebrated books while surrounded by…



Where have all the sweepers gone? Thoughts following bird’s eye view of Galle Road I last saw them before January 8, 2015 but never since. I used to…

With a new kidney in her, Dulakshika waits to get back to school

With a new kidney in her, Dulakshika waits to get back to school

Bright and sunny is the yellow T-shirt that she wears, along with the matching slide to keep her hair in place. Although not visible through the face-mask, the…

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Still a magical book

Still a magical book

Sixty years ago, a certain children’s book was written. This small book, which begins with the…

Veteran Sri Lankan broadcaster awarded Pakistan’s third highest civilian award

Mediscene on 4th Sunday

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TV Times

Singh to sing in Colombo

Singh to sing in Colombo

Award-winning Indian playback singer Arijit Singh will hold his maiden live in concert in Colombo on…

Nihal Siriwardena releases ‘Nisala Gantherea’

Reading ‘The Jungle Book’

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Funday Times

Sinhala and Tamil New Year

Sinhala and Tamil New Year

Happy Sinhala and Tamil New Year, dear readers of the Funday Times! This week we’ll be taking…

Plates of Sweetmeats

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