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Number one priority: Go green now

What was expected to be only “hot air” from the recent Paris Climate Change summit refreshingly turned into a triumph for the ‘cool heads’ with a historic agreement being reached. Negotiators last weekend agreed to work out ways and means to bring the Earth’s temperature down below 2 degrees Celsius (3.6…



Mother love

Mother love

Heavy with child, they stumble up a small hill with hopes held high and wishes for a safe delivery. It is not only expectant mothers, in different stages…


There’s little justice and fair play for the common man It seems the laws in Sri Lanka are not for the common man or the ordinary citizen. Judging…



Indranee Hapugalle She imparted lessons far beyond the ivory keys of the piano In my childhood I had the good fortune to come across some people who added…

Caring and sharing online

Caring and sharing online

When you are constantly barraged by poverty on all sides, which is often the case in Sri Lanka, it is easy to develop a thick skin. We often…

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India is building a top-secret nuclear city

India is building a top-secret nuclear city

CHALLAKERE, India – When labourers began excavating pastureland in India’s southern Karnataka state early in 2012,…

Police traffic and PR expert Senaratne makes final journey

Feasts on Christmas eve and Christmas day at OZO

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Have yourself a ‘less-sweet’ Christmas!

Have yourself a ‘less-sweet’ Christmas!

’Tis the season to be jolly…and to keep an eye on your sugar intake too. Sri…

The magical dragon fruit

Sports can be stressful too

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Funday Times

Being Santa Claus

Being Santa Claus

The shopping mall was beautifully decorated for Christmas. There were carols playing in the background and…


A Ray for Reuben

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