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Give citizens RTI now

Over the years, politicians have uniformly driven Sri Lankans to the polls without first guaranteeing their right to information. This glaring and unacceptable anomaly has meant that generations of citizens have cast their vote at successive elections on the basis of pledges and promises, with only passing knowledge about how…



Diyatalawa: Taking off from the very beginning

Diyatalawa: Taking off from the very beginning

Three Air Force veterans are on a mission to write a book on the oldest training station of the SLAF that will tell the tale of one big…

Our dance tradition to Australia

Against the ritualistic setting of chanting and drumming on stage, emerges a dancer who, with her sharp rhythmic moves and great stamina, attempts to prove her prowess and…

Another Christmas with De Lanerolles

The spirit of Christmas infectiously caught on at the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Colombo on December 3 when the De Lanerolle Brothers ushered in the family holiday…

Jackie breezes in for Tommy Hilfiger store opening

Last Friday (December 5) was a prime example of the madness that is a day in the life of Jacqueline Fernandez. She flew into Sri Lanka, went straight…

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Daring to be different

Daring to be different

Although, not many will openly admit to having played an air-guitar. Sandeep Milan John has his…

Feel the season’s charm through its good vibes

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It’s the time for wrapping up gifts

It’s the time for wrapping up gifts

Shirani Fairbanks has made it her life’s goal to encourage the imaginative spirit. She’s the lady…

‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’

ART IN THE WILD By Chitral Jayatilake and Ashvini Jayatilake

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Christmas Presents

Christmas Presents

Fluffy rabbit wanted to make Christmas special for his friends in the forest. But he couldn’t…

Kids world

Kiddies Bakery Tour

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