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Debate on 18th A– four years too late

The 18th Amendment to the Constitution is at the centre of a public debate that should have taken place in 2010, before it was passed. Clear, rational arguments against the enactment that had been scorned in the flurry to have it passed are being resurrected — four years too late.…



Baring bear facts

Baring bear facts

A challenging study by two researchers will soon reveal the little known lifestyle of the Wilpattu sloth bear. Kumudini Hettiarachchi reports They roughed out in the wilds day…


A sight that warmed my heart Earlier this month, Britto Motha, well-known social worker, celebrated his 90th birthday with a Thanksgiving Mass in his church. Well before the…


Olga Crake Our fondest memories still linger The light from our family is gone A voice we loved is still A place is vacant in our home Which…

Extreme adventure with a touch of luxury

Geoffrey Kent’s parents were on safari in Zambia when he was born. It was a suitably exotic and adventurous beginning to the life of a man who, at…

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Ebola’s next frontier: India

Ebola’s next frontier: India

NEW DELHI – Which countries, beyond those in West Africa, are most susceptible to the Ebola…

Three-act tragedy

Sri Lanka College of Venereologists annual scientific sessions

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Mirror Magazine

Taking aim at paintballing

Taking aim at paintballing

The thickets of the jungle bring about an eerie sense of realisation that someone is watching…

Oh when the Saints…

Musical symphony of movie themes

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TV Times

‘It’s Now or Never’ with Janaka

‘It’s Now or Never’ with Janaka

‘It’s Now or Never’, a musical journey down memory lane with Janaka, will come alive on…

Neela returns with Master Sir

Musical tribute to St. Jude

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Funday Times

We are Special

We are Special

The Differently Abled Branch of the Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association very successfully concluded an entertaining…


Kids world

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