Trinity was not built in a day, nor its traditions or its buildings.  It has had the unique advantage of growing gradually in the same premises extending over 16 acres over the last one hundred and forty years, sometimes slowly, sometimes rapidly and, on occasions, with bursts of remarkable energy and still continues to grow. [...]

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Trinity Kandy has been ‘Looking to the End’ since its beginning


Trinity was not built in a day, nor its traditions or its buildings.  It has had the unique advantage of growing gradually in the same

The Principal

premises extending over 16 acres over the last one hundred and forty years, sometimes slowly, sometimes rapidly and, on occasions, with bursts of remarkable energy and still continues to grow.

The antecedents of Trinity College go back to 1817; just two years after Britain had gained control of the Central hills of Sri Lanka and with them the entire island in 1815. The first missionaries from Britain set up an elementary school of humble proportions on a hillside in Kandy, which initially flourished and then floundered and closed down for unknown reasons. Four decades later, in that same small building the Kandy Collegiate School was established in 1857.  However, again for reasons unknown it was closed down in 1863.
Nearly a decade later, Trinity College Kandy was founded in 1872, by the Principal Rev. Richard Collins. Although, it was founded as an Anglican Missionary school based on the traditions of the best of the public schools in England, the missionaries took into its ambit the best of the indigenous culture. The best known Principal of Trinity, the Rev. A.G. Fraser brought the school from a mere provincial school to a national level school.

It is one of the leading Anglican (Christian) boys’ schools in Sri Lanka with a long and distinguished history which has attracted students from all parts of the country.

Trinity College is a Government approved full fee-levying unassisted private school with a student

The College Appearance

population of just over 3000 boys; with a boarding, housing over 170 students at present. The school follows the Government designed curriculum, preparing its students for G.C.E. Ordinary and G.C.E. Advanced Level examinations conducted by the Government. However, the students also prepare and sit for other examinations conducted by different organisations in a variety of disciplines.

The school programme comprises the Academic, the Co-Curricular and Sports components respectively, and active participation is encouraged in all three, with the aim of producing a well-rounded student. There are nearly 45 Clubs and Societies in operation at present and nearly 20 sport activities.

Asgiriya International Cricket Stadium

The student body comprises boys belonging to all the religions of the country, which promotes a healthy and tolerant atmosphere in the school having a wide range of cultural activities.

Students leaving the school at the end of the high school academic programme go into a range of tertiary and vocational programmes, and directly into employment as well. Trinity has always sent their students to the different Universities of the country and universities the world over.

Trinity College Kandy is a proud Christian school having produced a Mahanayake of Asgiriya Chapter, a Mahanayake of Malwatte Chapter and a Bishop of the Anglican Church. This is proof enough of the religious harmony maintained from the olden days. Many prominent personalities have walked through the portals of this

Rugby Stadium at Pallekele

hallowed institute.

Trinity College Chapel stands as a unique testimony to Sri Lankan heritage architecture. It is known to every student in Sri Lanka, being part of their Ordinary Level syllabus. Construction which began in 1923 by Fraser of Trinity and Rev. Gaster (Vice Principal, architect and draftsman) must be considered as pioneers who deliberately resorted to local architecture, inspired by the ruins of Polonnaruwa and works carried out by the great Kings of that past era.

Apart from the School Campus, Trinity College Kandy owns a Farm, Cricket Stadium at Asgiriya and a Rugby Stadium at Pallekele.
During the past three years, the success percentage at GCE (O/L) examination has been 96%, 99.1% and 96.7% respectively. The All Island seventh rank was obtained by a Trinitian and felicitated at the Temple Trees by The President. The GCE (A/L) examination results stood at 45% in 2010, 38% in 2011 and 54% in 2012 and theAll Island second rank in Arts stream was a Trinitian and once again he was felicitated at Temple Trees by The President. A Trinitian was placed first in Chemistry and Physics at the EdExcel International GCE A/L examination 2010.

CIMA Spell Master was twice won by Trinity College. The famous “Drum & Dance troupe” of Trinity College Kandy has won many awards in various competitions and has performed overseas as well. The Junior and Senior Choirs were All Island winners at the Festival of Choirs. The Oriental Music group won the first place at Zonal level and there were many awards in individual events. The students have bagged many places in English Language and Drama Competitions as well.

Trinity College Chapel

The students actively participate in many school society activities. The English Literary Union/Drama Society, College Choir, Social Service Union and Library Council have been in existence for more than 100 years and the Sinhala Literary Union will be celebrating its centenary year in 2013. College Archives preserves the History of Trinity College for the future generation.

Trinity College Kandy is proud of her sons who have excelled in sports. Late Mr. Duncan White the first Olympic Medalist of Sri Lanka and Heshan Unamboowe who represented Sri Lanka at the last Olympic Games are old boys of this great institute. Heshan Unamboowe also led the Sri Lanka team at the first ever Youth Olympics held in Singapore in 2010.

Trinity College is the only school in the history of Sri Lankan School Cricket which won all three titles – League, Limited overs and T20 in 2012.
1st XV Rugby Team won the coveted Bradby Shield for the third consecutive year and maintained their position without falling beyond the Runners-up position. A Trinity Rugby Player led the U.19 Sri Lanka Rugby Team for two years in 2011 and 2012.

The Trinity swimmers are not second to any others in the island. The swimming pool within the college premises facilitates the students for training. They emerged overall championship at the Seventh Annual Age Group and Novices Swimming Championship 2012 and the obtained the first place at the 75th Annual Mt. Lavinia Sea Swim 2012 – Two Mile Sea Swim Men’s Individual Championship. In 2012, one of their boys emerged Under 19 champion and in 2013 they are the overall champions in Pentathlon championship.

They were able to bag three first places in the 400m Freestyle, 800m Freestyle and 1500m Freestyle at the FINA Junior World Championship.

The Trinity weightlifters have carved their names in Sri Lankan history by emerging as champions at the Junior National Weightlifting Championship (U.17 & U.20) consecutively for four years, National School Games (U.20) consecutively for three years and Junior Amateur Weightlifting joint Championship (U.20).

Moreover, Trinitians flag their names in Boxing, Gymnastics, Badminton, Athletics and Tennis as well. They habe bagged annually many district, provincial, island and international victories. The latest inclusion in the sporting history of the college is “Pistol Shooting”.

They were able to become the Runners-up at the Air Rifle and Air Pistol Shooting Championship in 2012. A Trinitian represented Sri Lanka at AUSTRALASIA 2013 in New Zealand and won the Bronze Medal in Pistol Shooting.

Trinity has made its mark in Baseball too with six players representing the Central Province Baseball Team at the International Summer Championship – USA.

Trinity College Kandy is rightfully proud of its products who serve the community as Priests, High School Teachers, Artists, Tea Planters, Bankers, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Member of Parliament or Cabinet Ministers, businessmen, etc. and the mission continues with more and more successful products every year to boost mother Sri Lanka with a healthy society.

Trinity’s motto is Respice Finem – which means ‘Look to the End’ and Trinity has been doing just that for quite a while.
Trinity being an old rugby playing school perhaps it is better that this article ends with an old rugby ditty – On The Ball:
On a wet rainy day when the ball is away
Let sluggards at home they remain,
We’ll kick and we’ll run, pass and collar
And shout out the same merry refrain
On the ball, on the ball, on the ball
Through scrummage, three-quarters and all
We kick on the leather, we run, pass and collar
And shout as we go: On The Ball.
Life is a scrum which we cannot get through
But with many a kick and a blow
But then in the end though we dodge and defend
That sure collar death takes us home.

- Sujitha Miranda

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