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Sunday, May 06, 2007
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Hospital takeover coming?  
The Central Government is considering taking over twenty hospitals which are currently under the control of the Central Provincial Council, Health Ministry sources said. The main reason for considering such a decision is said to be the high number of maternal deaths in estate areas in districts such as Nuwara Eliya, in relation to other districts in the country.The number of maternal deaths per 100,000 child births in Sri Lanka was 30.
Which way Kandy?
One of the talking points in Kandy was the introduction of the uni-flow traffic system earlier this year. There were bouquets as well as brickbats. Even though some commuters praised the move, residents and traders complained and protested, so much so that the system was scrapped.Now, city officials are planning to re-introduce the uniflow system from June 1 with a few changes so that it would benefit not only commuters but residents and shop owners as well.
Social approaches to sustainable growth
Three renowned experts last month shed light on socially conscious approaches to sustainable growth and profitability at a seminar on “The Hidden Path to Profit’ under the Living Business series organized by HSBC in Kandy. It was held at the Mahaweli Reach Hotel in Kandy under the patronage of Daya Weeraratne, President of the Sri Lanka - Malaysia Regional Business Council amidst a significant gathering of small and medium enterprise business leaders.....
What a comedy, what a farce
The 9th edition of crickets showpiece, the 2007 World Cup in the Caribbean, which kicked off with a tragedy of immense proportions ended in comedy and farce. Many highly acclaimed former test players said before the start that it was two long and that the presence of too many minnows took the gloss off the most prestigious cricketing event.The aspect of longevity has been admitted by the powers that be and the promise of suitable amends being made come 2011 held out.

Probe on nexus between police and lawyers
Booze ban broken, but no drunkards
Taboo on fags and alcohol?
Unauthorised structures come under scrutiny
2 schoolgirls injured after mattress mystery
Corruption alleged in Muslim teacher appointments
Select the best for traffic control outside schools: Police
Marking Buddha Jayanthi with road re-naming
Maligawa museum not a draw
Murder re-trial: Sentence reduced, three acquitted
New thinking wanted in recruiting policemen: IGP
Minister stops issue of ‘refuse’ tea permits
Spence opens travel office in Kandy
CIMA’s educational seminars in Kandy
Suntel’s tech-savvy call centres in Kandy, Colombo
Sinhaputhra Finance shows improved results
KACPAW takes doggy care to Dambane Veddahs
Twins: In step with each other on the path of Dhamma
A peaceful abode for old and ailing monks
Tough job for Gunaratne
Sarath’s golden boot
Arsenal’s Friar was here

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