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Sunday, May 6, 2007
Vol. 41 - No 49
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Wijeya Pariganaka

Political Column
  President faces battles on several fronts
  By Our Political Editor
  At no time before has any Government prosecuting the separatist war against Tiger guerrillas felt so helpless and hopeless. Not once but four times within a month, the guerrillas demonstrated their air strike capability and got away with impunity. Last Sunday, the fourth time was more striking.
5th Column
  Well done you played the game against all odds
  By Rypvanwinkle
  My Dear Mahela and the Team,
I thought I must write to you because the entire country was looking forward to your performances over the past few weeks and you didnt disappoint them-even though you couldnt quite become world champions.
Situation Report
  Govt. takes off for sky war
  By Iqbal Athas
  Some forty minutes after Sunday April 29 had dawned, air traffic controllers at the Sri Lanka Air Force base in Vavuniya observed two blips on their radar. No air movements had been reported to them during that hour. They figured out they were two aircraft from the Tiger guerrilla air wing heading in a southerly direction.
The Economic Analysis
  Cricket lessons for economic management
  By the Economist
  Being the runner-up in the Cricket World Cup is an admirable achievement. This was possible owing to our cricket being managed in a professional manner. There are several significant lessons from Sri Lanka Cricket that is relevant for the management of the economy. What are the important lessons from cricket for the economy?
Thoughts from London
  Mother of parliaments becomes mother of all jokes
  By Neville de Silva
  As students of political science we were taught that the British House of Commons was the mother of parliaments and should be respected if not revered. Having listened to the Commons debate on Sri Lanka last week I am more inclined to concur with the growing feeling here that parliament like British politics is fast losing public respect and instead earning public derision.
Issue of the week
  Not published with this week issue
  By Ameen Izzadeen
Focus on Rights
  Farcical statements and violations of the constitution
  By Kishali Pinto Jayawardena

The fantastically absurd assertion in clause three of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party's retrogressive constitutional reform proposals that the party 'strongly believes in the independence of the judiciary,' (in the context of the SLFP's proclaimed stance on the unit of devolution), is pure political farce.

  Not published with this week issue.
  By Chandani Kirinde, Our Lobby Correspondent
Inside the glass house
  Why Washington now admits that Olmert lost Lebanon war
  By Thalif Deen at the united nations
  NEW YORK - A committee that investigated Israel's failed war against Lebanon last July has come up with a report whose findings have a striking parallel to the American debacle in Iraq. The study, whose revelations triggered a 150,000-strong protest march in Tel Aviv last week, was a damning critique of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's role in that disastrous war last summer.
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