-The idea of creating a winning culture – The A-B-C-D of instilling 4KPIs. In strategic marketing and management, probably less attention is paid to the aspect of creating a winning culture as it’s a combined effort of Marketing and HR. The other issue is that “Creating a Winning Culture” is not still seen as a [...]


What does KPI mean in Internal Branding?


-The idea of creating a winning culture – The A-B-C-D of instilling 4KPIs.

In strategic marketing and management, probably less attention is paid to the aspect of creating a winning culture as it’s a combined effort of Marketing and HR. The other issue is that “Creating a Winning Culture” is not still seen as a “competitive advantage”. Among the competencies of the organization, what can give an edge over competition to an organization is considered as competitive advantage. In creating them, mostly the attention is paid to brand building, resource acquisition, investments, market development etc. and also acquiring people from similar competitive organizations within the industry. The best way to explain this is to consider the point of buying a computer or a laptop. We can enhance hardware as much as we want but if the operating system (OS) is not supportive and not known, it will be difficult for us to make use of the same hardware that costed so much money. In other words, it’s about creating an Enabler for the organization. The culture of an organization is the operating system (OS) or the software of the company. Why it becomes a source of competitive advantage is; once a winning culture is created, no competing organization can take it away from the organization. Therefore, it becomes a competitive advantage.

What measures the outcome of building such cultures or acquisition of resources are the Key Performance Indicators. KPIs are widely spoken of in the corporate business world as achieving KPIs would mean achieving career dreams and personal dreams too as achieving career dreams would make personal dreams come true. Taking the acronym KPI in to account; it’s widely known as Key Performance Indicators which means so much more in marketing and branding if it’s looked at in different ways.


Keeping people involved could mean so much to the HR function where employees of an organization or a division need to have involved in its activities to get a sense of ownership of what they do. It could also be a key aspect of internal branding which targets the employees of the organization.

  • KEEP PEOPLE INFORMED – Keep informed is a well-known mechanism to be followed in stakeholder management. However, this could also be applicable in creating a learning environment or learning organization as far as developing a new culture for an organization is concerned.
  • KEEP PEOPLE INTERESTED – Keeping people interested could also be defined as motivating people as it takes an enormous effort in keeping people interested in something.
  • KEEP PEOPLE INSPIRED – This could be the highest level of motivation that can be shared among employees as far as internal branding is concerned. Inspired people will always try to achieve more and would give their best to the organization. They will always try to go beyond their limits in bringing results to the organization. In other words, the leadership of the company should stand for something which paves the way for its employees to observe, witness and watch to get inspired.

In order for an organization to achieve above four what actions can be taken is something that needs to be discussed. (The A-B-C-D of KPI implementation within organizations)

  • Internal Assessments – Assessing the capabilities of employees, through various tests and measures will always make the employees understand where they stand and when pooled together it shows where the organization stands. Not only individual assessments, but also overall climate surveys (Employee Surveys) too can pave the way for the top management to understand how each employee perceive the actions and strategies gone to their heads which are mostly prescribed or pushed by the top management. As a matter of fact, it’s what goes to their heads which comes to their hands to perform on daily basis and in the long run as they build gratitude towards the organization it goes to their hearts.
  • Internal Branding – Organizations should always make use of branding techniques to communicate a strong message of the company Vision, Mission, Goals and Values in big bold ways internally. It could be wall branding, intranet, company meetings, emails etc. Internal branding also includes other means like uniforms, company branded t-shirts, mugs umbrellas etc. however, they will only be for visibility and for the eyes of the employees and more of a “feel-good factor” than a “feel-better factor”. What goes into their hearts and minds will be the communication of vison, mission goals and values.
  • Internal Competitions – internal competitions will always draw the attention of the employees as it involves a reward. Competitions can increase the rate of participation and it in the end would make sure the job is done and everyone gets involved. Most famous in this lot are the sales competitions which are widely used in most of the organizations, however, in addition to that organizations can also focus on “Living Organizational Values” competitions.
  • Internal Development – Training and development can also be an excellent tool in instilling values in the hearts and minds of people. Traditionally training has always been about two things; Venue and the Menu. However, trainings should go beyond that and it should be a learning experience which make a long-term behavioral change in people. For that, there should be resourceful people, internally or else, out-sourced eternally.

In creating a winning culture, the KPI approach will surely be instrumental and it will be an “easy-to-execute” approach when it comes to the corporate world. The A-B-C-D aspects of instilling values will be widely accepted as it will surely lead to achieve results.


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