Is your mind constantly attacked with condemning and depressing thoughts such as: I am not good, I am not strong, I am not acceptable, I am not suitable, I am not capable and I am not worth it? If you feel so, please be aware that you are under the attack of a disastrous mind [...]


Mind Numbness and Anaesthetising Self-Condemnation


Is your mind constantly attacked with condemning and depressing thoughts such as: I am not good, I am not strong, I am not acceptable, I am not suitable, I am not capable and I am not worth it? If you feel so, please be aware that you are under the attack of a disastrous mind anesthetic known as self-condemnation. Whenever you are feeling a heavy dizziness in your head you will not be able to do anything. Similarly, your brain also has the ability to become numb at times disabling your brain to move forward with processing their thoughts and emotions.

The moment your mind stops processing you are mentally dead even though you are physically alive. Keep your mind vibrant, it is indeed necessary for us to live in joy. Self-condemnation is like a parasite that sucks the blood out of a dog. There once was a time that I would blindly stare at the sky with no thoughts in my mind, my mind was not functioning as it was numb due to the disastrous anesthetic called self – condemnation. It had pulled me down many times. You cannot work efficiently when you are physically weak and similarly your mind cannot process upward and forward whenever it is numb or paralysed.

Self-Condemnation is a negative thought circuit which has taken ground in our minds due to the constant feeding of self-depreciative thoughts. Self-Condemnation is the enemy of Self-Appreciation. A lot of people are suffering in life as they do not like themselves simply due to their blindness towards what is appreciative in them, they are rather glued to what is deficient. They are so accustomed to blame themselves or the world, based only on what they see in them. Many have failed to see their true potential.

Just as self-appreciation stimulates intrinsic motivation, self-condemnation gobbles up your mental strength similar to a cancer. Every time you condemn you, you become mentally weak as it is a negative mental strength. This depressive inner voice will grumble continuously stating that you are not good enough, you do not suit the society, you are weak and you cannot handle any pressure, you are a loser and you rarely win, the world will not accept you and many other condemning thoughts that will make you feel bad about yourself. The brain of a person who has been attacked by self-condemnation only produces fearful thoughts; they never produce encouraging thoughts.

Furthermore, self-condemnation steals away your present moment. If a person has failed an examination and he keeps wallowing in his failure, he will certainly lose the present moment he has to study and attempt to face the exam at another time. The very moment we fail to be in the present moment, we become unproductive and make that moment an empty and futile moment. When I began my life for the second time I had nothing inside my bag of life. It was an empty bag with nothing productive at all. My inner voice began to condemn me but I continued to keep it under my authority by affirming that I am more powerful than my mistakes, my errors and certainly more than the accidents I have met in my life. Therefore, do not allow your past to steal your present. If your present is stolen by your past, then your future becomes fearful as all that you will find is only an empty bag.

Self-condemnation accumulates a load of fear in you, as all you would hear about yourself from within you would be what you do not have and what you cannot do. It would not mention what you have or what you can do. Companies invest a lot of money on advertising, with the clear view that those messages will sit in the subconscious mind of the receiver and it is sure to arise the moment the decision of buying occurs.

Similarly, if all that you have stored in your brain is what you do not have and what you cannot do, then every time you face a challenge your mind will respond negatively stating that you cannot do and you do not have what is required to do it. This scenario takes place because this is what you have permitted to be stored within you throughout history. When one is aware that they do not have the necessary armoury that is needed for the battle then their first choice would be to avoid going to the war. A person with self-condemnation will always back off with fear. Self-condemnation breeds fear of rejection, the fear of looking stupid to others, being put down by the peers or being judged as an unworthy personality.

Fear tends to make you forego the challenges. Assuming that the only way to forego challenges is to seek short cuts or quick fixes. Once you are attacked by self-condemnation you settle for less because you tend to think that it is all you could achieve according to your assumption. Self-condemnation never reveals what you have. Hence, you will never discover your true potential. I was a beggar in the streets. Yet, I had the potential of becoming a CEO. The day I sat on the chair of the CEO, I realised that the assumption I have on myself was very low and it was based on the self-condemned thoughts which controlled me at all times.

Self-condemnation also pushes us to delay and postpone things adhering to the fear that is accumulated within us. It breeds demotivation so much so that you will not attempt to move even an inch forward when you are demotivated. Fighting your fears will have some impact on you but running away from your fears will not give you anything. Self-condemnation always fabricates negative stories as to why you must give up. It also pushes you to postpone things that will also make you go to the extent of influencing you to drop off or give up on your goals. This is a common situation that many have fallen prey to.

Therefore, do not give into this grumbling inner voice of self-condemnation rather make it starve and faint with self-appreciation and self-worth affirmations. Continue to see the good things you have achieved in your life. Be thankful and grateful for everything you have instead of seeing only what you do not have and what you have lost. Always measure what you may lose if you do not accept the challenge due to fear. Giving up will only feed your ego but fighting will make you a winner. Giving up will yet again strengthen the self-condemning thoughts but challenging your fears will bestow a lot of mental strengths such as endurance, mind capacity, self-motivation and resilience.

During every decision you make in life, evaluate what you are going to gain from all the available options. Keep challenging your fears that one fine day those fears will leave you for good as your mind does not accept them anymore. The only way you can starve your fears is by challenging your fears. Make a list of all the successful achievements in your life and make sure to take a look at them whenever you feel down, so that you can reveal your true potential to your mind. Always train your mind to see the good instead of the bad. Be thankful for the challenges you face as those will elevate your fighting skills, resilience and endurance. Initiate speaking to yourself and loving yourself then self-condemnation is sure to leave your mind forever.

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