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The charade of new constitution

Predictable opposition has begun at the very mention of a “new Constitution”. The public announcement by a TNA MP that the draft for a new Constitution would be presented before February 4, the country’s Independence Day, provoked nationalist forces to raise their voice, if it did happen. Instead, the Prime…



Vandals destroy  Pre-School, burn books

Vandals destroy Pre-School, burn books

Norochcholai Police have commenced an investigation into an incident in which some people had broken into…

Grade 5 Scholarship exam Reforms under review: MoE

Suraksha pays out nearly Rs 50m in claims

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Funday Times

‘Once Upon A Time’

‘Once Upon A Time’

The Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association’s Western Province organized a Revels, Sleepover and Pack Holiday 2018…

Kids’ World

More Funday Times

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