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Reparations Bill: Why the secrecy?

The ninth anniversary of the defeat of the scourge of a bloody separatist terrorist campaign that enveloped this country for three decades passed without much ado yesterday (May 19). Yet battling with the continuing demand by some foreign governments to hold the security forces that ended that scourge to account,…



Trigeminal neuralgia: Taking the shooting pain away

Trigeminal neuralgia: Taking the shooting pain away

Unbearable and excruciating…………it comes in sudden waves, leaving the person grimacing in agony. Just as it…

The vibrant yellow and orange

Is Flexitarianism the newest diet trend?

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TV Times

Whitney’s intricate in Documentary

Whitney’s intricate in Documentary

Whitney Houston leads an intricate rehearsal of her 1990 hit “I’m Your Baby Tonight” in an intimate…

Buddhini fly high with ‘Ahas’

Nilan choreographs Italian ‘Heena Reyak’

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Funday Times

Sri Lanka becomes a Republic

Sri Lanka becomes a Republic

Ceylon – as Sri Lanka was then known – gained Independence on February 4, 1948. Till…

The people are disgusted with the king

wLittle King and Queen Sri Lanka 2018

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