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Professional diplomacy for new foreign policy

The Prime Minister’s visit to Japan this week hot on the heels of the President’s to the United Nations very clearly marked a significant shift in Sri Lanka’s foreign policy, away from what was seemingly an over-reliance on the Chinese sphere of influence. Not insignificantly, the Sri Lankan President was…



Island in transition

Island in transition

When well-known architect and art historian Ismeth Raheem received a call from New Delhi in May, it was for a project right after his own heart. He was…

There’s only one word for him, multi-faceted

A rich and vivid tapestry enhanced with diverse patterns emerging and merging, with a single golden thread running through it. In a palatial home exuding old-world charm down…

Strangers in the city of El Cid

Strangers in the city of El Cid

The ancient city of Burgos in northern Spain achieved fame as the birthplace of the legendary 15th century military hero Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar. Better known as El…

From the jungles and the ocean came the beauties

From the jungles and the ocean came the beauties

The lights dimmed and against a backdrop recreating the splendour of medieval Sri Lanka, 13 beautiful queens appeared on stage at the glittering finals of the Siyatha-Facia Miss…

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Sunday Times 2

The power of beauty

The power of beauty

Beauty is probably one of the most debated, diverse and elusive concepts around the world. Everyone…

German government to honour poet and writer Anne Ranasinghe

First month memorial Mass at Sacred Heart Church

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TV Times

Memory   Lane during   Yuletide 

Memory   Lane during   Yuletide 

‘Down  Memory Lane’- considered  as the Mother  of  all sing-along shows in the country, conceptualised by…

Trailer and song released for ‘Address Nehe’

Children’s plays in two towns

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Funday Times

Kiddies concert of Regent International College

Kiddies concert of Regent International College

‘Tiny Tots of Regent’, kiddies concert of Regent International College, Gampaha was held recently. Pix by  Tilak…

Kids world

August Wind

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