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The Public Service Omission

Details contained in the report of the Public Service Commission — the body responsible for the disciplinary conduct of public servants or now known as government servants — are published in this issue on Page 4 today.Set up during the pre-Independence era, today’s Sri Lanka Administrative Service was formerly known…



The numbers didn’t add up but sketches did

The numbers didn’t add up but sketches did

Barbara Sansoni was 11 years old when she met Maria Montessori. Having fled to India after being exiled by Mussolini during WWII, Maria’s school in the Olcott Garden…

Hideaway on stilts in the hills

The owner has beautiful taste in art. Wherever one looks in this bright, airy house there’s a watercolour waiting to catch the eye. This is self-explanatory, for the…

Bandits at prime time… but not only on telly!

Boys will be boys. We see it everywhere, virtually every day. Last week – and over most of the past two months – we have seen it ad…

Leaves and bark  on black canvas

Leaves and bark on black canvas

The cosy white washed studio is strewn with paint brushes and other trinkets, but the bold black canvases- literally taking up most of the walls and floor stand…

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Mirror Magazine

A fun alternative to working out

A fun alternative to working out

It’s 6.30 pm in the heart of Colombo, and the Viharamahadevi Park is already buzzing with…

The power of play

Expect the unexpected

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TV Times

‘Koththamalli’ : Dr. Dirty Harry’s magic portion

‘Koththamalli’ : Dr. Dirty Harry’s magic portion

After a lapse of ten years, popular ‘country weda’ Dr. Dirty Harry strikes again. This time…

Margarita Blue at ‘Cross Road’

‘Who Are The Champions’

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Funday Times



Jessica peeped in to the  corner of her room where Tina – her Pomeranian was lying…

School children participated in the Esala Maha Sisu Perahera

National Child Safety Week programme

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