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Minister distorts free education

Education Minister Bandula Gunewardena has issued a new circular defining the conditions for admission of students to Advanced Level classes of national schools. One criterion is that national schools must not take children of international schools for A/Levels even if such students had followed the national curriculum and passed the…



Going beyond their  religious duties

Going beyond their religious duties

Reaching out to women in need, are the ‘daughters of Buddha’ at Sakyadhita Sri Lanka monastery. Set in the tranquil environs overlooking the Bolgoda Lake, this monastery shelters…

Fire, fire! Those exciting memories

My father, affectionately known as “Bobby Cox” and referred to in Sinhala as “Ginthera Mahathaya” was born in Teldeniya on March 17, 1901. His father Edwin Arthur Russell…

Spacious and peaceful, it’s a place made for reflection

Spacious and peaceful, it’s a place made for reflection

The Bawa Awards have been a great stamping ground for Architect Palinda Kannangara. The first time around, his Ginigathhena holiday bungalow won him a Commendation Prize, the second…

A wanderer through the landscapes of time

A wanderer through the landscapes of time

To anyone who knows her, it is clear Jean Arasanayagam is her own most penetrating, most persistent interrogator. In a dance that her readers are familiar with, Jean…

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Who is al-Baghdadi?

Who is al-Baghdadi?

BEIRUT, (Reuters) – The leader of radical Sunni fighters who have made rapid military advances in…

Obama rules out sending troops, Iran offers to join US in Iraq war

Silken elegance over the years

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Mirror Magazine

Secrets, lies and mystery

Secrets, lies and mystery

First time director, Javin Thomas is by no means a novice to the theatre scene. Better…

Unifying spirit of Reggae

Stepping into her own

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TV Times

French Spring Time Festival

French Spring Time Festival

Popular French boy band ‘Bel Plaine’ will come alive in Colombo at the French Spring Festival…

‘Fête de la Musique’ in Colombo

Sing- A – Long with Annesley and Mariazelle at Club Palm Bay

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Funday Times

Sports meet of St. Anne’s English Medium College

Sports meet of St. Anne’s English Medium College

The first ever sportsmeet of  St. Anne’s English Medium College, Wennappuwa  was held on May 24,…

Cricket for Montessori children

Nikapitiye – the bogus king

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