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India has her say and gets her way

And so, the visiting Indian Minister of External Affairs was here, and on cue performed the role of virtual attesting witness to the marriage his Government had brokered, not without coercion, between the Sri Lankan Government and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) in the creation of the Northern Provincial Council.…



Into the heart of Saradiel country

Into the heart of Saradiel country

Utuwankande is where the legendary Saradiel roamed and for photographer Stefan D’Silva this rocky hideout is one of those forgotten places which he feels must be documented before…

Give Rs. 5 a day to help relieve their pain

It is devastating to be diagnosed with cancer. To be financially poor and diagnosed with cancer is to enter a particular kind of living hell.  “A child diagnosed…

Fulbright days and a plea to leadership

This volume of 20 letters by former Fulbright scholars, half of them Sri Lankan and the other half American, addressed to their respective presidents Mahinda Rajapaksa and Barack…

Taking count of ancient coins

Coins started to be used for trade from around 500 BCE, and have been collected ever since.  The oldest coin collection in Sri Lanka is that of the…

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Funday Times

A Staircase of Books

A Staircase of Books

Sarith was at the Book Fair in Colombo on Wednesday. How did it happen? He had…

Kids’ world

Amma | Capital Cities

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Sunday Times 2

Manhood lost and regained

Manhood lost and regained

He was “less” of a man when he was rushed by the Puttalam Hospital in the…

The long road to Expressway

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