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Second cut-off list unlikely for top colleges in Delhi


There is almost no hope of a second list for many coveted courses in the best colleges of Delhi University. Wednesday, Day Two of admissions, saw most courses being completely filled with a few colleges forced to over-admit students across all streams.
Hindu College, which declared the highest cut-off this year, had over-admissions for many of its courses. “We have admitted 45 students against the 39 seats for Political Science (Honours), 53 students against the availability of 31 seats for Botany (Honours), even Physics (Honours ) will be filled by Thursday as there are only about 20 seats left out of the 62 seats,” said Hindu College Principal Pradyum Kumar. Even History (Honours), which drew raised eyebrows for declaring a cut-off with the upper limit of 99 per cent, has seen 25 of its 39 available seats filled. “Even the remaining few will go,” added Dr. Kumar. There is, however good news too. “We will probably have a second list for our B.Com. (Honours) as only 21 of 62 available seats have been filled; our Economics (Honours) course also had only 29 of the total 54 seats filled.”

The college has admitted a total of 518 students, of whom 271 are boys and 247 girls. “Many students from across the country landed here for admissions. Most students from the North-East wanted Sociology (Honours) for which all the seats are almost gone,” he added.
Shri Ram College of Commerce also over-admitted students for its B.Com. (Honours) course. “We have admitted close to 300 students, over and above the sanctioned strength of 252. There are only nine seats left for our Economics (Honours) course for which we have admitted 53 against 62 available seats,” said SRCC Principal P.C. Jain, adding that they had foreseen more admissions on Day Three.
The University rulebook says that all students meeting the cut-offs must be compulsorily admitted and therefore colleges cannot guard against over-admissions after declaring their cut-off lists.

Hans Raj College, which saw around 350 admissions across all streams, might not have a second list for its B.Com. course as almost all seats have been filled and even lesser known courses like B.Sc. (Physical) Sciences has only one seat left. “Forty per cent of our seats have gone, our B.Sc. (Physical) Sciences and B.Sc. (Life Science) were the biggest surprises since we never had such a response before. Even our B.A. (Programme) is almost full, and 30 out of the 46 available seats for English (Honours) are full and we are sure the remaining seats will be filled by Thursday,” said Hans Raj College Principal Dr. V. K. Kawatra, adding that if they had been even a little under the mark while deciding cut-offs, they would have had a huge over-admission problem on their hands. The college’s Hindi course saw relatively poor admissions.

Ramjas College will probably close its B.Com. (Honours), B.A. (Programme) and B.A. (Honours) courses soon. “We have admitted a total of 343 students. The B.Com. (Honours), B.A. (Programme) and B.A. (Honours) courses are full and with one day left we expect over-admissions. It is very unlikely that a second list will come out,” said Principal Rajendra Prasad.-thehindu.com

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