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Scholarships Team welcomed by Study Illinois


Dissanayakes with Dino Pruccoli, 2012 Chair Study Illinois

Sri Lanka’s best known student recruiters in US Priyanthi and Padmasena Dissanayake of Scholarships for USA (Pvt) Ltd (www.scholarshipsforusa.com) currently  visiting the State of Illinois looking for suitable partners recently held discussions with Dino Pruccoli 2012 Chair of Study Illinois.

Study Illinois is the non-profit Illinois International Education Consortium dedicated to welcoming international students to Illinois. International students who wish to study on campus in the USA in a welcoming, diverse, and exciting environment, where education is paramount, choose Illinois. Students come to study anything from ancient civilizations to the most advanced technologies of the future, right here, in Illinois!

Illinois hosted over 25,000 international students last year and the Colleges, Universities and Associate Members of Study Illinois are interested in welcoming Sri Lankan students. Illinois is the home of Abraham Lincoln one of the greatest Presidents ever, current President Barak Obama and the great city of Chicago – third largest in US.

Dissanayakes, already having visited few of its members, were very impressed with the promise Illinois schools held to Lankans. Having made schools like Concordia MN, NDSU, UND, MSU and  UC household names in SL within few years Dissanayakes were confident they could do justice to few schools in Illinois willing to offer maximum financial aid and fast entry process. They said the renowned Midwestern friendliness and caring for international students coupled with excellent internship opportunities a city of the magnitude of Chicago offers, would be perfect for their increasing number of students.

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