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PIBT – Creating Competent IT Professionals


Seating from Left to Right – Mohammed Riyaz – Asst. Treasurer, Alshika Grace Daniel – Secretary, Gayathri Bandara - Vice President Organizing, Manish Pradeeptha Dharmawardena – President, Panduka Samarasighe - Vice President Admin, Nevetha Ananth – Treasurer, Sanka Silva – Asst. Secretary, Standing from Left to Right – Dilanka Samarathunga – Committee Member- Young Members forum, Mufeena Saheer - Committee Member – Career Guidance, Consultancies & Research, Dilan Chathuranga - Committee Member – Plan Implementation & Social Welfare, Livan Jayasekara - Committee Member – Publications & HR Related Surveys, Terrence Jalendran - Committee Member – International Affaires, Aruna Lakshitha - Committee Member – Membership Development & CSR, Emran Badoordeen - Committee Member – Marketing Media Coordination

Recently, a survey conducted by New York Times revealed that the IT industry is now amongst the top four dominating global industries. Its rapid growth is mainly due to the high demand for the use of Information Technology and the perspective of employees in the IT field. The main reasons for growth of the IT industry include it being a low risk industry, a profession with high income, suitable job environments and the peers involved.

After the recession period from 2009 – 2011, the demand for IT professionals has been rising at an outstanding rate, with global industry giants in search of competent and qualified IT professionals. Human resources in Sri Lanka stands on top of the world and IT organizations are hiring Sri Lankan IT professionals at a rapid rate due to the efficiency of their work.

There are many options to become a qualified IT head but it takes lots of practical knowledge to become a real professional in any field. Soft skills such as communication, teamwork and presentation are valuable aspects for a qualified individual to be a professional. Understanding these requirements, and to develop Sri Lankan talent in the field of IT, the Pioneer Institute of Business & Technology (PIBT) has the perfect solution to introduce IT professionals to the world.

The Pioneer Institute of Business & Technology (PIBT) offers internal British IT degrees in Sri Lanka in affiliation with the University of Greenwich, a prestigious university in the UK. Greenwich boasts of a rich and illustrious educational history that dates back to 1890. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site and has been awarded the Queens Anniversary Prize for Higher Education & Top in London for Teaching Excellence – 2012.

PIBT recently opened their newest state-of-the-art campus at Flower Road, Colombo 7 with more in-house facilities for students, including sports, library and research lab facilities, providing the perfect campus environment. Creating the perfect graduate with competency for industry needs is the main goal of PIBT and they achieve it focusing on three points – the academic aspect where the study syllabus is a carefully selected format directly from University of Greenwich – London, the practical aspect where all senior lecturers are reputed professionals in the IT industry practising the goal of giving birth to qualified achievers and developing soft skills such as communication, presentation and organizing skills for junior alumni.

With the establishment of the in-house software development training centre monitored by senior specialists of the industry, PIBT has a 100% employee success rate and industry giants are always on the look-out to hire PIBT graduates.PIBT is honoured to provide the service of giving birth to extraordinary IT professionals and your opportunity waits at their campuses. For more information on IT courses offered by PIBT, please visit us or call our Hotline 0773596594 or log on to www.pibtsl.com.

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