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Brand Guru of Sri Lanka Hashan Travis Haputhanthri concurs Pakistan..!


One of the Sri Lanka’s  successful Marketing / Brand strategist and Tactician and by the words of the Marketing industry “Sri Lanka’s Brand Guru” Mr. Hashan Travis Haputhanthri had his presentation for his philosophy called “TRAVIS BRANDSOLOGY” in Pakistan .
Hashan was summoned to present his philosophy at   Mohammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU). MAJU was holding the convention of Emerging trends of Marketing and Management.

Hashan was warmly welcome by the Mohammad Ali Jinnah University , and before he was summoned to present his philosophy he addressed a sixty member MBA students and shared his experience. At the conference Hashan spoke in front of an eminent panel of professionals who are

Receiving a momento from MAJU Pakistan

professors, doctors of Marketing, Economics and Business Management.

“This philosophy will eventually modify the thinking of brand marketing” quoted by Mr Abdullaha of Mohamed Ali Jinnah University.
Speaking to Sunday Times Mr. Hashan said, , “This experience will enhance my vision to work further on elaborating the gravity of brand management. Visiting to this university in Pakistan and lecturing to MBA, Phd and Post Graduate students is an opportunity. This way I can route my philosophy to a cutting edge stance.”

Hashan believes that in Sri Lanka, the brand management concept and the marketing management concept has not properly utilized. “ I strongly believe that MARKETING concept has reached its decline. It is time to move towards the BRANDS. I started to realize this when I started working for brands and that was  16 years ago.  With my brand management, strategy and tactical experience, I thought I should deliver my thinking to the world who believes in brand management in practice.

Hashan Haputhanthri is the General Manager (Marketing) for DSL (PVT) LTD popularly known as Douglas and Sons (PVT) ltd , the market leader for world famous tyre brand GT Radial ,Global Maintenance free batteries, Incoe dry charge range and a first class range of Auto parts represent reputed brands like NGK, Mitsuboshi, Tokiko and etc..

Having more than 17 years of brand marketing experience for both Food and Non Food, Hashan has handled global brands and prominent local brands including Maliban Biscuits. His fearless dedication and strategic/ tactical war techniques gave way to achieve market share for Maliban Smart Cream Cracker, from 19% to 35% over its main rival.

He pioneered and engineered the launch of Maliban Smart Cream Cracker. For this he won the prestigious “Gold award for Turn around brand of  the year2011” at the Brands Excellence award ceremony which annually done by Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing. He invented non – conventional marketing philosophy in Sri Lanka.

He has gained wider experience in of People Marketing, Marketing, Sales, Advertising, International Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Coaching, Training, Lecturing and Mentoring in diverse Industries such as Soft drinks, Cellular and  Newspapers.
He is a Fellow member of Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing.

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