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Focus on Rights

The judiciary refuses to be ‘tamed and vanquished’

Predictably, Government propaganda hitmen wasted little time in rushing to condemn the Supreme Court’s most extraordinary and exceptional Determination this week that the parliamentary impeachment of a superior court judge has to be determined by law and not by Standing Orders. The level to which this Government has deteriorated was amply seen by the fact [...]

Talk at the Cafe Spectator

DPL dinner for Lankans, by Lankans and of Lankans

DPL dinner for Lankans, by Lankans and of Lankans

The protocol-conscious UN cocktail circuit has traditionally been exceptionally elitist. If you walk into a dinner or a reception hosted by a diplomatic mission in New York, the guests are mostly ambassadors, senior UN officials, New York celebrities and the ubiquitous media – and rarely the proletariat. But a dinner hosted last week at the [...]

From the sidelines

The great yearend consumer ripoff

Mrs. Anumaana is yet to recover from the bombardment of seasonal ‘special offers’ that were thrust in her face on a daily basis during the festive season.  These too-good-to-be-true type marvelous deals were trumpeted in all the newspapers, TV programmes, banners and billboards she happened to see, around the end of the year. It seemed [...]

The Economic Analysis

Economic prospects in 2013: No great expectations

Sri Lanka being a trade dependent economy, global economic conditions will play a defining role in its economic performance in 2013, as it did in 2012. The global economic slowdown is likely to continue especially as western economies are not likely to recover much. The political situation in the Middle East and US intervention in [...]

Political Column

Constitutional cliff: Govt. set to go ahead with impeachment process

Constitutional cliff: Govt. set to go ahead with impeachment process

Govt bid to remove Chief Justice Bandaranayake on course; debate to take place on Jan 10, 11, in spite of Supreme Court ruling Besieged regime emboldened by the impotence of the main opposition party; angry Ranil reprimands MPs for going to courts on Thursday In her petition, Chief Justice explains her side of the story [...]

5th Column

Playing a perfect double game

Playing a perfect double game

My Dear Mahela, I thought of writing to you after watching the Boxing Day test match where you lost the five day game with Australia inside two and a half days. Since you have some more games to play in Australia, I think I may have a few tips and tricks that may be of [...]

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