A farmer who ought to be working hard and cultivating crops falling asleep in the farm, defines how sleep hijacks the crop that the farmer was dreaming of reaping. Dreaming and Sleeping will remain eternal enemies. If you sleep instead of committing yourself towards fulfilling your dreams, then your dreams will die as dreams. Airplanes [...]


Worry Hijacks Success


A farmer who ought to be working hard and cultivating crops falling asleep in the farm, defines how sleep hijacks the crop that the farmer was dreaming of reaping. Dreaming and Sleeping will remain eternal enemies. If you sleep instead of committing yourself towards fulfilling your dreams, then your dreams will die as dreams. Airplanes are hijacked as a result of poor security checks that enable the hijackers to enter the flight equipped with the necessary armory. Many family lives have shattered simply by inviting the wrong person to come between them.

Similarly, if you permit worry to interfere with your dreams and your commitment towards your dreams, at that instance those worries will certainly hijack your success. If you just keep staring at a snake which is attempting to attack your child, your child would soon die by being bitten by the snake. If you want to prevent your child from being bitten by the snake, you must at once either remove the child from the environment or you must remove the snake from the environment.

If you strongly concentrate on the worries you have before you, your dreams may fade away as you are watering the worries with the water you possess to water your dreams. If you spend the money you have set aside for your proteins, on alcohol then your muscles will never improve as you have made a wrong investment. The money was reserved to be spent on the proteins to build your muscles but since you invested them on alcohol, you cannot expect your dream of building muscles to become a reality.

One thing is certain and we all need to understand it, problems and challenges will never stop rolling into our life. Therefore, as you wake up in the morning be armed to face any battle, that will prepare your mind to face any challenge that you may have to face. An unexpected rain can make all the clothes in your line wet. At a boxing match, the moment the boxer takes his eyes off his opponent, he is vulnerable to an unexpected blow which might even throw him to the ground. Constant worry would surely disable your mind. It will only make you a spectator, and not a conqueror who can overcome your problems. As per what I think, the worst hijacker of success is worry.

When I started my life for the second time all over again, all I possessed was a tattered twenty rupee note in my ragged blue jeans. My mind was bombarded with thoughts of frustration, stress, rejection, loss and insecurity. Nevertheless, I realised that worrying would never bring back what I lost in my life. Also, I understood that the only way to achieve something is to focus on a new hope. Every time worry tried to attack me, I was thankful for what I had at that moment rather than what I have lost. I had a sober life, and that was indeed a great achievement for me above all that I lost despite the use of drugs.

Contentment is a powerful weapon that has the ability to overcome worry. It would be useless to retain great aspirations unless you know the art of satisfying yourself with what you have in hand. It is undoubtedly alright to dream of a Mercedes Benz as long as you are driving your Maruti happily. If you are discontent that you have only a Maruti then that worry will steal away your time, energy and focus, which you could have invested on working towards buying a Mercedes Benz in the future.

Therefore, every time you worry about your future or about what you have lost, please understand that all you are doing is allowing those worries to hijack your happiness. It is as though leaving your lunch exposed to the crows who are bound to steal your food in no time. Just as you ought to safeguard your food from the crows, it is essential to keep your dreams safe, so that nobody can steal them from you. If the security guard is asleep during his shift, thieves could easily attack that property. Even his weapons would be of no use, as the weapons in the hands of a sleeping man would be useless. Likewise, if you are constantly worried on your challenges then your talents and capabilities would be of no use. It is as though you are sleeping in your worries.

Do not worry about the twenty five years that you have lost without any achievement, instead, commit yourself comprehensively towards one fruitful year of unwavering focus. Focus on your dreams like an eagle who focuses on its prey. Do not spend your energy and resources to obtain the goodwill of others, rather invest them to make yourself happy.

Always remember this title, “Worry Hijacks Success”. Nothing nor nobody can hijack your success from you, unless you give them permission to enter into your premises. The moment you encourage worrisome thoughts, you legally permit worry to reside in your mind. Without your permission worry cannot control over your mind and hijacks your success.

It would be worthwhile to walk a few miles rather than to worry about the bus you missed, you could at least gain some physical exercises. Worry is a massive stagnation preservative. It can preserve your stagnation forever. There is no point in keeping expired products in your refrigerator, they cannot be put into any good use, they can only be destroyed, thereafter the refrigerator can be filled with new, fresh and fruitful products.

Likewise, why not empty the garbage known as worry from your mind and fill it with new hopes, aspirations and desires. When you cease concentrating on your worries you can commit yourself towards new goals, which will certainly assist you to taste the beauty of life. The growth in many people’s lives is very slow because they are held back by a heavy rope known as Worry. All you need are reasons that can push you forward and not things that would pull you backwards, isn’t it?

Worry pushed me to attempt to run away from the reality of life on three occasions. Once I consumed poison but I didn’t die, on another occasion I hung myself but I was saved by the onlookers, on the third and final occasion I cut the main vein in my left hand and I was miraculously saved. This is the final destination of worrying, it forces you to give up the battle of life. Therefore, you must be very attentive towards this topic as it is no joke. Worrying has the ability to destroy your entire generation.

Therefore, stop fertilising thoughts that worry you, moreover starve them until they perish and vanish. Encouraging or entertaining worry is not different to a man who pushes his motorbike with two flat tyres. Attacking a man’s mind is attacking his main processing unit, doing so most assuredly takes the man into captivity as though his thoughts are in control of him (Pls recheck). A computer without a CPU is of no use to anyone. Therefore, be more vigilant and conscious about this deadly parasite known as worry, it is more detrimental than you can ever imagine.

Just as a voltage above or beyond the general requirement may collapse the whole system, worry also has the capacity to destroy a person until he drops to the ground. Many collapse in the presence of worry. When you enter the houses of certain people, you could sense that this house is undergoing a tremendous tragedy even before anyone utters a word. That is because the atmosphere is surrounded by worrisome thoughts from morning till night.

I do not intend to say that you must laugh when your father dies, but what I am trying to convey is that you must understand that your father is already dead and there is nothing that you can do about it. The only thing you can do to make him proud is to make sure that you have do as he expected from you. Crying and worrying about what you could not do to make him happy would only hijack your efforts towards the success of your future.

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