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Foreign garbage: The widening waste line

Throwing your garbage over the backyard fence to keep your own property clean and tidy was an unsavoury old practice. With greater habitation and awareness of sanitation standards, it is now rightly condemned, whether in big cities and nation-states, or in households. Yet when Colombo decided to fix its mounting…


Sunday Times 2

Story of five Generals

Story of five Generals

Can you believe it, five Majors General and an Air Vice Marshall to add to it,…

The language of conflict

National sovereignty: Whose sovereignty?

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TV Times

Beatlemania is back with ‘Yesterday’

Beatlemania is back with ‘Yesterday’

Beatlemania is recreated worldwide on the silver screen again with the release of the movie ‘Yesterday’.…

Fingers to ‘Sing with Moratuwa’

‘Vijayaba Kollaya’ on screen

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