Mod’Art International, which is inspired by the Mod’Art Fashion Education from Paris, is set to present a flashy new event on the 28th of June at No.03.Conniston Place, Colombo 02. The event takes inspiration from cultures in Paris, which is considered as one of the fashion capitals in the world. Mod’Art provides its students with [...]


Paris away from France- Mod’Art International presents ‘Exposition de Mode’


Mod’Art International, which is inspired by the Mod’Art Fashion Education from Paris, is set to present a flashy new event on the 28th of June at No.03.Conniston Place, Colombo 02.

The event takes inspiration from cultures in Paris, which is considered as one of the fashion capitals in the world. Mod’Art provides its students with a curriculum rich with French mastery while adapting to the changing dynamics of the fashion industry. Students are privileged to get influence from highly proficient staff directly from Paris. Furthermore, students are evaluated by French evaluators at the end of the respective course for moderation marks.

Niroshani Leanage. Managing Director of Mod’Art International - Sri Lanka

As a result, both local and international students are given equal treatment. The conclusion of each course opens up new possibilities where a graduate has the choice of either pursuing Masters Level higher education under the European student’s rate offered in Paris or travel to Europe, mainly Paris and Milan. This gives exposure and more comprehension on the subject matter.

‘Exposition de Mode’ expects to give the public a snapshot of the prestige that emits from Mod’Art Fashion Education. The day is blooming with cultural aspects that the Sri Lankan community is yet to witness. Managing Director of Mod’Art International- Sri Lanka Niroshani Leanage graciously agreed to share her insight on the new concept and enlighten the reader on the need to embrace cultures that are relatively unknown.

Could you enlighten the reader on
‘who is Niroshani Leanage?’ How did
your passion for fashion ignite? What
is your vision and mission on life?

The journey started while I was studying abroad, when I had an idea to introduce the subject to my country. This was 19 years ago. I was drawn towards fashion by a special connection that was created due to the 3 fashion Capitals that is London, Paris and Milan out of which I opted for the degree awarded in Paris.

I was interested in the creative industry from a small age. I was entranced by Arts. In relation to creating opportunities for our future generation who expect certain options of higher education or job opportunities in Sri Lanka it was discovered that it was unavailable as an option for me to study. That is the main reason why I was enticed to travel abroad upon completion of my O/Ls. Once I returned, that is after I started learning fashion as a subject my main intention was firmly set on not to become a designer but to become an educator. That would reverberate through many generations.

Mention a few words on the origin of ‘Exposition de Mode’.  What are its objectives? What do you hope to
achieve at the end of the day?

Exposition de Mode is an event dedicated for the French Spring Festival. Annually, an entire month (from 13th June-14th July) is dedicated for creativity, art, music, fashion and literature through elegant celebrations. As the only fashion school in Colombo, providing a French Degree Mod’Art host events annually for this season. A major event called International Graduate Fashion Spectacle will be held next year. Last year the event was held successfully so this year it was decided to structure an exhibition instead. There is a trend of hosting events (fashion shows) in the Mod’Art Institutes agenda. These are not just limited to work of Sri Lankan students. This is a combination of both local and international effort.

The word ‘Exposition de Mode’ can be translated as ‘a fashion exhibition’. This year French fashion designer inspired work are celebrated. Students have already visualized a collection of art which is intended to be showcased through fashion. Many fashion articles and accessories are put on display for the public to behold. Its a very special event created for the Spring. Segments that display French cultures are in abundance. The public has the ability to view a variety of the students work from Sri Lanka and from France.

What can the public expect from the event?

Learning about the lifestyle, culture of the French and their proficiency in fashion, interpreted by Sri Lankan students is the main focal point. The public will be educated on the Paris designers and their mastery directly envisioned by local designers.

What aspects are highlighted in the ‘past vs modernity’ idea that you wish to convey?

Past vs Modernity is about researching and knowing about the designer history. Understanding how designers like Paul Poiret, Yves Saint Lauren, Caroline Reboux etc left their mark is interesting, and the public will be educated accordingly. Visualizing how  French fashion houses and their signatures have developed during the years and understanding how the signature look was interpreted back then compared to how it is reinterpreted at present by Mod’Art student designers is an achievement to be witnessed. They have created pieces of garment to give it a modern makeover.

Can you give a brief idea on how Paul
Poiret design house is planned to be
visualized through the displays?

It was decided to pay extreme attention to detail for this year’s event. As a subject area when we learn about French fashion designers, Mod’Art act in accordance to the Paris syllabus. Every year a different designer is researched thoroughly. Paul Poiret has been selected to be visualized this year. What you would see at the event would be a collection of visualizations inspired by the Paul Poiret design house. The signature look of his collection will be re-interpreted and unique works of art will be made inspired by them.

Apart from design houses and signature looks, what other inspirations are lurking behind the event?

While those are given a considerable amount of emphasis, the event is not limited to that scope. The event also attempts to convey lifestyles, the essence of fashion and the luxury of the industry. Students annually get the opportunity to travel to Paris for events. A few weeks ago 17 students went to Paris, and returned with inspiration and experience of lifestyles, cuisines, entertainment, architecture and culture etc. The inspiration that they received shall be visualized through photography. Attractive collages will be made to display their view on the experience they received , and some surprise elements shall be made available through visual imagery. First time visitors who view the displays would be able to identify the difference in cultures and those who are fluent in the art shall gain an awe inspiring experience.

Furthermore a video montage was recorded by the students that the public can view. Different perspective of each individual can be seen regarding their latest experiences. It is the ideal period for anyone who wishes to learn the art of the fashion industry, through young educated minds. It is similar to a journey where they can start learning and building character through more design oriented work.


This is a Cocoon dress which is hand designed and painted. The students attempt to give their expressions through clothing. Now the dress is a part of their subject matter. Its a white canvas and during the event the public can witness about 10 student designed Cocoon dresses. The designs on the dresses, placed in strategic locations attempt to tell a story. At a first glance, it may seem incomplete. If viewed properly, the viewer will be able to identify the complete picture. This is a preview of what can be expected during Exposition de Mode.


Does the event exhibit elements
designed by foreign students?

Foreign students actively participate for our events annually. Therefore, ‘Exposition de Mode’ is a blend of both local students and international students. Current students and  immediate graduates of Mod’Art Sri Lanka and students from Mod’Art Paris deserve due credit for the potential success of the event. Granted, the physical presence of the foreign students would not be probable, but a selection of their best creations are available on display. The purpose of the event is to leave the floor open for our talent to reinvent and express themselves. As a result, the public is entitled to receive a first hand experience on the capabilities of the local talent.

Is the event open for the entire public?

This is an open event therefore bare minimum restrictions are laid out. Therefore it is an open invitation for anyone who is interested in witnessing something new that is currently alien to Sri Lanka. Entrance charges are not imposed but prior registration is required to gain entry due to security concerns. This is a complementary event to celebrate the French Spring Festival so we feel everyone should be given an opportunity to witness the pleasures that are imminent. Other than that the public has the luxury of attending the event with relatively less inconveniences.

What are the future plans of Mod’Arts post Exposition de Mode?

Mod’Art is commencing preparations for the next major event, IGFS. International graduates from around the world are invited to take part in the function. This year it is limited to Sri Lankans.

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IGFS is held biennially where graduating fashion designers from different countries are invited to showcase collections in Sri Lanka. Its a one week programme where designers from countries like Hungary, France, England, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Germany etc inquire in anticipation to RSVP their participation. The best graduates from the above mentioned countries shall be highlighted during the French Spring Festival celebrations in June 2020. Talk shows are held during the week, filled with sessions of lifestyle, culture and cuisine exchange. The week comes to a close after the end of the major IGFS event scheduled to be held on the last day. That is an entire year down the road, but the event at hand is our major concern at the moment. Considering past records and the caliber of the potential of the students, I am fairly confident that the public can expect a whole new experience, if they wish to be part of Exposition de Mode.

What is the message that you wish to give aspiring fashion enthusiasts who wish to embrace the art?

Fashion is greatly involved in our lifestyles. Clothing is our second skin and for every individual, building their personality has a major effect on what they wear and how you present yourself to the world. To bring someone to that level, the fashion design industry is very helpful. I wish to encourage more and more individuals (even if they do not want to be engaged in or to learn fashion and become designers) to come and gain experience in these kind of exhibitions and grasp the essence of the industry. Fashion design alone is not about making clothes. It is a web of opportunities where both men and women have the potential to ensure better futures.

The exhibition can be used as a haven for fashion enthusiasts who wish to gain guidance to enter into the art. Mod’Art International students would be available to be consulted during the event and advice can be received upon inquiry if one wishes to create a career path in the fashion industry.

- Randheer Mallawaarachchi


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