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Confusion, chaos within National Disunity Govt.

The labour pains are over; the proposed no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has finally been delivered. A few Government ministers and loads of Joint Opposition (JO) MPs had been straining every sinew to collect sufficient signatures to file the motion. On Wednesday, some of them trooped into the…



A journey of music and camaraderie

A journey of music and camaraderie

If you got the chance to catch them at the Asia Pacific Choir Games last year,…

A walk to remember

At Traffic Lights

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TV Times

The Russian  Prima Ballerina

The Russian Prima Ballerina

Anna Pavlova, a name that prompts the evolution of Russian Classical ballet with her artistic techniques,…


Hichki, a Hollywood story in Hindi

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Funday Times

Hellen Storrow Pop-Up Seminar

Hellen Storrow Pop-Up Seminar

The international branch of Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association together with the Provincial Department  of Education,…

The Dutch flag flies in the fort of Colombo

The centurion at the cross

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