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Friday the 13th doublespeak

Pope Francis felt the World War Three had started. Maybe not quite, but the indiscriminate attack on those enjoying a typical Friday night out in gay Paree last week brought the world to the brink of it. World War I began a century ago with a single shot fired in…



Vision in ink for Batti hospital soon a reality

Vision in ink for Batti hospital soon a reality

In Batticaloa, it’s one of those heavy grey days punctuated with intermittent showers. The rains have cast a momentary cloud but the air is thick with anticipation for…

Kasiya, kokiya: Getting artistic with shared words

It makes sense that Sri Lanka shares an element of its linguistic heritage with the countries that colonised it from the 16th century onwards. The Embassy of Netherlands…

Quick guide to Design Festival

Quick guide to Design Festival

The Sri Lanka Design Festival kicks off next weekend. Open to the public from Friday, November 27, the three-day event will feature discussions and shows cutting across a…

Step into Shakespeare’s  gardens

Step into Shakespeare’s gardens

English art historian, curator, writer, broadcaster and landscape designer Sir Roy Strong will talk on ‘Shakespeare’s Gardens’ in the run-up to the Fairway Galle Literary Festival 2016. The…

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Sunday Times 2

Lest we forget

Lest we forget

Last week, Paris suffered a terrorist attack when 132 people were killed in the heart of…

Pre-judging Paris

“Shall we nationalise Innovation?”

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Representation for Lankan youth

Representation for Lankan youth

Sri Lanka’s Official Youth Delegates to the United Nations returned to the country after attending the…

Mark Ronson on DJing, the Electric Peacock Festival and more…

Adele’s ‘Hello’ at the top of the charts

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TV Times

Sing – along  with ‘Pearl’

Sing – along with ‘Pearl’

Old Thomian and OTSC member Jayantha de Silva, the leader of the band ‘Pearl’, will be…

Crossroads on Ice Bar

 Matt Preston in Sri Lanka

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Funday Times

The death of King Senarat

The death of King Senarat

The people were very unhappy about the return of Almeida. But the officers in Goa were…

Awards Ceremony of the Sri Lanka Girl Guides Association

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