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Where are the rogues of the last regime?

Midweek there was a strong rumour that Parliament would be dissolved at the stroke of midnight. Even the Speaker seemed unsure judging by a comment he made from his lofty perch in the august assembly. Only the President knew it was not to be; but by the end of the…



The woman behind the ‘Dying Christ’

The woman behind the ‘Dying Christ’

Kandyan saree and all, each day she would clamber agilely up the high scaffolding in her sprawling garden off Boyd Place, Kollupitiya, to attend to every tiny detail…

A much needed trust

To announce that Sri Lanka has a rich cultural heritage is hardly breaking news. We’re repeatedly taught it during school and any Sri Lankan travel brochure you pick…

Lakshan is off to  India – thanks to the overwhelming response

Lakshan is off to India – thanks to the overwhelming response

Desperation has given way to overwhelming relief for P.K. Kulatunga and his family from Pallebage off Deraniyagala. This is the minor employee of the medicinal stores of the…

Hooked on the hackery

Hooked on the hackery

Pulling out a black and white photograph from an album, K. Wilson aka “Poddaiya” shows a picture of himself riding a thirikkal (hackery), in the prime of youth. Then…

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‘Sooriya -Namaskar’ at Galle Face Green

‘Sooriya -Namaskar’ at Galle Face Green

Palms joined, pointed skywards, Galle Face Green was speckled with Yoga enthusiasts, veterans and curious first-timers…

Sri Lanka: Twenty one million dreams. One planet, consume with care

New Saturday Good Market Venue Starting July 4

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Mirror Magazine

Ancient tale told through dance

Ancient tale told through dance

Vijaya, the first settler of Thambapanni, and his fierce queen Kuveni may not have moved with…

Horror as an evolving genre

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TV Times

‘August Madness’ with Gypsies at CPB

‘August Madness’ with Gypsies at CPB

‘August Madness’, a dinner dance with a difference, will come alive with the Gypsies at the…

Canadian Natalya shines at Curve Tapas Bar

New Gospel CD totally free

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Funday Times

Crafting Beeralu Lace

Crafting Beeralu Lace

Beeralu lace making is practiced as a cottage industry in many areas down South with women…

Kids World

Colombo staged ‘Bully’

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