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Verbal garbage and the big stink

The subject stinks and is unappealing reading on a Sunday morning, but the rat-infested mountains of garbage in thickly populated Bloemendhal, Colombo North, and Meethotamulla have for many years stood as an emblem of Sri Lanka’s cavalier attitude towards waste disposal. The fetid heaps contain everything from plastics, paper and…



‘I did it for the country’

‘I did it for the country’

Since the passing away of Nihal Fernando on April 20, many heartfelt tributes have been written by friends and associates who reminisced on facets of his life as…

Letters to the Editor

Should we as a sovereign country sign the CEPA? Very few in Sikkim realised that by their leaders signing the Agreement with India, judging from the small print,…

A finer citizenship of control freaks

I’m back from being out of town, midweek. As part of a conference organising team, yours truly has spent the past month or so paying attention to a…

Exciting time to be here

Exciting time to be here

When James Dauris first came to Sri Lanka he was only 18 years old. A young teacher of English Literature, he remembers the long journey down from the…

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Mirror Magazine

Tales of a ‘Survivor’

Tales of a ‘Survivor’

Natalie Anderson, raised in Sri Lanka was named the ultimate ‘Survivor’ in the show’s season finale…

Deanna School of Dance gears up for ‘Peter and the Wolf’

Of sweetness and spice

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Funday Times

Water & the Environment Junior Quiz 2015

Water & the Environment Junior Quiz 2015

Twenty Eight school teams from the Western Province battled it out in a challenging and informative Junior…

Celebrating 150 years of St. Benedict’s College

Sri Wimalarathanaramaya Temple Poson Perahera

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