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Corruption probes, Sift wheat from chaff

Among the many comments circulating on social media is one where they say there are two types of people on Facebook nowadays; one set who while walking on the street, trip on a stone and ask, “is this the Yahapalanaya they talk of”, and the other set who find a…



Laurels sit lightly on Lankan doc in the Caymans

Laurels sit lightly on Lankan doc in the Caymans

On holiday in Sri Lanka, there is no undue excitement tinged with arrogance, only humble and matter-of-fact acceptance. On his return to the Cayman Islands, there awaits a…

Refreshing return of our freshwater fish

Rohan Pethiyagoda, Sri Lanka’s foremost expert on fish, published his influential work ‘Freshwater Fishes of Sri Lanka’ in 1990. Over two decades later, three wildlife enthusiasts are about…



Express trains to Jaffna and Colombo The Railway Department and Govt. boast about the train services from Jaffna and Colombo, but the allocation of seats is a problem.…

Respite and revival

In a product- and results-driven world, the idea of taking a hiatus to read, research and reflect may seem superfluous. For artists, writers and other cultural producers, moving…

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Mirror Magazine

Rock Saturday

Rock Saturday

Rock Saturday is set to take place for the third time at Institute of Tourism and…

A twist in the tale

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TV Times

Twin National Awards for Priya

Twin National Awards for Priya

Priya Peiris – songwriter, musician and singer was honoured with two separate National Awards in the…

‘Super Golden Chimes’ re-union tour in Aussie

Sing – A- long ‘Marians with Nalin’

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Funday Times

Kids at Play – Drama Classes

Kids at Play – Drama Classes

Trained in the UK, Neluka has devised and produced plays for children for the last 10…

Kids world

Guiding Light

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