D-day for planet earth: Everyone’s talking about it

It’s a load of nonsense, that’s the consensus among most people here while
science writer Nalaka Gunewardene says the world has real hazards such as climate change and nuclear weapons to worry about

In villages and cities alike, the “end of the world” is a topic of discussion. Radio, television and print media have dedicated airtime and many…

Minister seeks Cabinet approval to allegedly repay unqualified recruits

A Cabinet Note was submitted recently by Postal Services Minister…

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Air and food pollution: Doomsday scenario

Amid the impeachment motion against Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake gripping the nation domestically, Sri Lanka needs to focus attention and take practical action on a potentially catastrophic socio-economic issue – global warming and air pollution. Some 17,000 delegates from more than 190 countries gathered in Doha last week for a…



Unwrapping  a gift of  many layers

Unwrapping a gift of many layers

It’s the end of a school year. Schools have closed and while thousands of students anxiously began their Ordinary Level examinations last Tuesday, elsewhere, teachers, students and parents…

Letters to the editor

Share your Christmas joy with a poor family Christians are getting ready to celebrate Christmas – some on a grand scale, some in a simple way, while some…


Teacher who made history at Ananda College E. D. NIMALARATNE Embulgamage Don Nimalaratne of Iridapola, Tunmodara died on September 10, 2012, aged 68. He was educated at Sri…

Men of same profession flock together

Two doctors. Not just one common interest but two. Children are their professional interest and nature photography, especially birds, their passion.�The outcome is a 204-page coffee table book…

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Search for answers begins after worst school massacre in US

Search for answers begins after worst school massacre in US

NEWTOWN, Conn., Dec 15 (Reuters) – Residents of the small Connecticut community of Newtown were reeling…

Egypt opposition says Muslim Brotherhood ‘vote rigging’

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EVAR for life

EVAR for life

The tension was palpable. It was not that Consultant Vascular and Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Rezni Cassim,…

Spotting the clues for cancer

Shingles: The three-day deadline

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