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Let’s incorporate all three languages in the National Anthem

I read quite a few comments in the media on the issue of singing the National Anthem only in Sinhala. My view is that a national anthem is the symbolic song of a nation and not a race.

There are examples elsewhere in the world where it is sung in many languages, but should we quote them and conveniently make the same mistake here as well ?

I have a humble suggestion which I hope would be agreable to all parties. Why don’t we change the current anthem (same lyrics / melody / music) to be sung in all three languages at the same time in one go? The paragraphs may have to be shortened to keep it to a maximum of four minutes or so.

*Segment 1: Sung in Sinhala
* Segment 2: Sung in Tamil
* Segment 3: Sung in English

This way, all Sri Lankans will sing the anthem in all three languages, irrespective of the racial orientation or the language they speak. We only have to learn the Tamil paragraph and vice versa. I hope this idea will trigger some discussion by the public in your newspaper.

Damith Kurunduhewa, Colombo.

Fencing in ‘the fences’ and saving man-hole lids

The chance detection of people in a lorry “spiriting away” iron rails belonging to the railway on a random check done recently by the police, perhaps gives a clue to the many mysterious disappearances of the heavy man-hole covers and lids on our roads.

The job of tracing the culprits, termed as “the fences” operating in the various towns supposedly feeding the king pins of this lucrative scrap iron business racket, becomes easier for the police as the circular and rectangular iron slabs carry indelible “tell tale” letterings such as FHNWSDB-SEWERS/TELECOM CABLES ETC embossed on them.

Hope this solution will help good maintenance of our roads!

W. Meadows, Dehiwela.

Will planets play a role in the World Cup?

With the Word Cup around the corner, cricket fever is on the rise. It will be good if the weather gods show compassion and the planets too. In this context, I have some findings that would favour four sides in the tournament.

I have based my findings strictly on the western system (of astrology) because the other (eastern) is too complicated and confusing. According to my observation, I see India, Sri Lanka, England and Australia battling it out.

India ruled by Saturn, the Lord of its sign ‘Capricorn’ will be exalted. Likewise, the Lord of England’s sign which is ‘Mars’ is also exalted in ‘Capricorn’, the sign of India. ‘Jupiter’ which is the ‘ruling’ planet of Australia is in the sign of ‘Aries’ and Sri Lanka which has ‘Jupiter’ in its own sign will also benefit. So watch out for these four countries at the World Cup.

For many years I have been interested in astrology and the occult. This sacred science has suffered due to different systems being adopted. I stick to the western system as the calculations are based on the system of planetary positions.

I believe that the Sun, Moon and planets have an influence on life. Come April, Sri Lanka will be under a ‘Balsamic Moon’. Those who know the subject will know what it is all about. But this phase of the Moon can be neutralized with good aspects of benefic planets. A Balsamic Moon lasts for three years.

If my observations regarding the World Cup succeed, then my hard work on research on astrology and the occult will prove all my efforts have been a success.

Noel Brian Ranasinghe, Via email

Widening of Urubokke Road

The Urubokke Road in the Matara District is to be developed under the Tihagoda - Mulatiyaha - Kotapola Road development project. It has already been demarcated by the RDA to be widened by 50ft.

To strengthen the road it would be wise if a dam would be built along the Urubokke canal that runs parallel to the road.

H.M. Premadasa, Urubokke.

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