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Sunday, October 29, 2006
Vol. 41 - No 22

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Govt., LTTE trade charges at talks
With their opening statements over, representatives of the Government and the Liberation Tigers ......
Lanka under water
At least thirteen people, including an eight-year-old child, have died and more than 225,000 rendered homeless in one of the worst-ever floods swirling across ten districts in the country since Thursday night.
Govt. demands dismantling of LTTE airstrips
The government yesterday declared that it had very clear evidence that the LTTE was continuing to improve and expand its air strip in Iranamadu and construct two other airstrips in Mullaitivu.
‘Our little baby has only one hand now’
The parents of baby Sewmini, just one year and two months, never in their worst imaginings thought that a visit to a hospital ....
On the threshold of chikungunya
It masquerades as dengue but the good news is that it is not as deadly as some strains of dengue such as the haemorrhagic kind.
Do they really care?
A little boy sits alone at a table, listlessly picking at his food. He is still in his school uniform. A toddler has crawled into a playhouse and fallen asleep on the floor.

The smile before the storm: Sri Lankan delegation chief Nimal Siripala de Silva and LTTE delegation chief S. P. Thamilselvan being brought together by Norwegian Minister Erik Solheim for a photo op and handshake at the beginning of the talks in Geneva yesterday. The two sides traded charges and countercharges in their opening speeches thereafter. Pic by Sudath Silva.
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Issue of the week

Mixed bag for SLFP-UNP pact
A cross section of Sri Lanka’s business community, civil society and professionals was polled by The Sunday Times FT last week...
Instant caterer with a 3-course meal?
Imagine dishing out a three course meal in 20 minutes? Food Factory will just show you all the possibilities coming to your rescue as a professional ‘instant’ caterer.
Town that sweeps the nation - Waskaduwa
Since the 1960s, Waskaduwa came to be popular for the many saw mills it had with which emerged as a virtual cottage industry...
Murder she said
On the eve of that Lankan tragi-comedy against South Africa I was on my “What’s up down your garden path” call rounds when I decided to call this cricket insider who generally even has a foot inside the dressing room.
Asian Qualifier moved away from Sri Lanka
The International Rugby Board slammed the door on Sri Lanka hosting the Asian Qualifier for the Rugby World Cup 2007. Their decision also resulted in the Rugby Asiad being postponed.
Blind strategy: Sri Lanka didn't see the changes
Sri Lanka's unceremonious exit from the ICC Champions Trophy tournament here in India has raised many an eye-brow with questions on why the team management and establishment was averse to making changes.

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Where's your endangered list?
There are some things that ought to be on an endangered list or better yet extinct. Why? Because they are hazardous to our health...
Commander Mahalana Keerti
It was the commander Keerti, who at least succeeded to a certain extent to fill the vacuum created by the death of the prince. It is because he was the Chief Minister.
Kukule is a very remote area, few years ago. It came to limelight, with the Kukule Ganga Hydro power project, but yet not known to outside world.



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