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Sunday June 1, 2003

Japan will not beg of LTTE
Japan is not begging the LTTE to attend the Sri Lanka aid conference next week in Tokyo, but pledges will be conditional to the success of the peace process...

Govt proposals contained Apex Body for the North-East
The UNF Government's latest seven page proposals, rejected by the LTTE on Friday, envisage the setting up of an Apex Body (council) for the North East but make no reference to an interim administration.

PA row over SLFP-JVP deal
The memorandum of understanding worked out by the SLFP and the JVP has set off a row at a meeting of the People's Alliance special committee.

'Don't allow donors to dictate terms'
The country representatives of the World Bank, the ADB and the IMF, the world's largest multilateral donor agencies, had a stark message for Sri Lanka...

President asked to send message
President Chandrika Kumaratunga has been invited to send a message of good wishes to be telecast at the Tokyo aid conference, diplomatic sources said.

Chandrananda as CBK advisor
Former polls chief and defence secretary Chandrananda de Silva is to be appointed as a defence advisor to President Chandrika Kumaratunga.
The Sunday Times learns that an official announcement of his appointment will be made this week.

Don't panic. It's not SARS, but a bad stench from the flood-affected areas. So the three wheeler drivers in Ratnapura town use their handkerchiefs as a protective mask.
Pic by Ishara. S. Kodikara


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