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Clothes Line

Dear Diary,

I start to pour out my innermost feelings to you,
Now I'm transported to a world surrounded by my secrets,
It's my world now with you to console me,
I drown in you with my joy and my pain,
Dear Diary; Today I'm hurt and sad,
I come to you to get comfort and to release myself,
Dear Diary; Today I'm filled with happiness,
I come to you to fill the pages with joyous thoughts,
I turn the pages back to days that have gone by,
I laugh and then I cry reading my life,
Years and years of my life I had poured into you,
Dearest Diary; you're my counsel and my deepest secrets.
- Nushrath Mansoor

Handwriting horror

I never thought that handwriting would have a great impact on my life. Actually, I'm talking about my boss's handwriting. It's a nightmare!
Whenever I see a letter or an article written by him on my table, kept for me to type, I smell trouble.
The funny thing is, I have to figure out the exact words as well or I'll be scolded for not concentrating! It's like being back in school, trying to fill up the blanks in an English test paper!
Once I took a newsletter written by him home for further review. I have to thank my Mom and Dad for waiting up the whole night - just guessing for me.
I just want to tell my boss to have patience with me; I know it's too late for him to change his writing!
- Gayathri W.

Think before you talk
Have you ever given a second thought to words that slip out of your tongue? They are so powerful that they can either lift one's spirits or bring you down.
I sometimes wonder at people's carelessness in passing judgement. Criticism can be constructive but certain destructive statements, which are the fruits of one's dislike towards another, could be both distressing and harmful.
Some seem to be thoroughly amused by hurting others, which for them is an act of heroism. Being rude to another is indicative of one's inferiority, which acts like a hurdle that prevents one from admiring the beauty or success of others.
Looking down at another's attire, ridiculing others for no reason at all and being cynical are some of the defects that such critics possess. It is true that no one is free from flaws and therefore making baseless comments, leaving the person feeling embarrassed cannot be excused.
Insulting someone over his past is another common fault. Almost everyone makes a blunder at some stage in life. It does not mean that they would repeat the same mistake throughout their lives. Digging up one's past over and over again is a pain as well as a setback to one who needs to look forward with fresh hopes.
Be sensitive to others' feelings. In short, try to be nice and polite when you are speaking. Being rude to others will only drive friends away from you.
-Deepanjalie Abeywardana

Militarising minds

Who in vigilance with his might, Trains himself by day and night,
When directed towards nibbana, Taints then are nulled forever
(Dhammapada, 17th vagga, rendered in English, by Dr. O. R. Medonza)
With almost all our national assets privatised; our police force militarised - we can join the bandwagon by militarising our minds.
Does the mind exist? It does. Militarisation of the mind will take place with the realisation of the degradation of humanity, the poverty of capitalistic society, the vulnerability of our education system and the downfall of the family and its traditions.
Militarisation will knockdown 10 green bottles. Among them will be the super-rich, the multinationals that feed on the cents of the poor, the Old Boy Networks and the corrupt politicians (i.e. the super duper rich), to name a few.
Our country is precious. Our earth is our mother. Our skies are our father. Our children are the trees and rivers. Our motherland and sky will always be ours!
- Omar Chunchi

If only

Oh! Oh! How beautiful this earth would be...
If not for that cursed war, or the dark witches...
Oh! Oh! How many of those valuable soldiers could we have saved...
And broken hearts could we have patched
Long lost are those calming winds...
Long lost are the divine melodies of the gushing waters...
And long lost are those blessed human beings
Clasped together with a magnificent relationship - love...
And long lost are those valiant soldiers
As one by one, day by day,
Lay dead on the ground.

Oh Lord! Oh Lord! When will that day be...
When those divided hearts can be bound together...
When will that curse of the dark witches be buried...
Deep down the earth, so that peace and unity
Could build a better, safer world.
- Imara Mulaffer

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