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'Taxi Driver' moves slowly
By Ranjith Bandara Attanayake
"Taxi Driver", is the latest movie by director Kandapola Kumaratunga and produced by Uni Film Production.

Lalith Milroy has written the story and dialogue of 'Taxi Driver', which is on the silver screen now.

'Taxi Driver' revolves around a three wheeler driver Gamini who is a Samaritan. He helps neighbours, settles quarrels. Whenever there is a dispute Gamini is there to intervene.

While Gamini was going on a hire with a Justice of Peace they see a vehicle travelling forward in which a girl is being abducted. Though Gamini tries to rescue her the JP requests him not to get involved.

But Gamini always thinks about the fate of the girl. In the meantime Gamini gets to know that the girl (Theja) is kept in a brothel by force.

Gamini moves by this news. He was reminded how his elder sister committed suicide as she was raped by several thugs some time back. As a result of deep emotions Gamini too tries to commit suicide by shooting but neighbours save him. He is determined to meet Theja at the brothel. Gamini gets the help of his friend Pigotte. They both manage to get into the brothel and meet the owner, One Eye Bonney.

The film director Kumaratunga says he has directed Pigotte (Tennyson Coorey) in such a manner that the spectators will this time not look at him merely as a comedian but in a major role.

Thushara Fernando and Lal Weerasinghe play the major roles while Cletus Mendis, Wijeya Nandasiri, Sunil Hettiarachchi, Rathna Sumanapala, Teddy Vidyalankara, Jude Fernando, Shalika Subesinghe, Rohitha Mannage, Nimal Jayamuni, Sunil Premakumara and 1Shashikala Hettiarachchi play the co roles.
Camera has been handled by Bandula Coorey, Music by Sarath Alwis and Make-up Artiste is Jayatilleke Embuldeniya.

'Ganga Addara Kele': A kids film

By Susitha R. Fernando
There are many differences between the world of adults and the children. Out of all the good things the children inherit the qualities of forgiving and compassion stand out.

'Ganga Addara Kele', directed by Sudath Rohana is tele-film that depicts how different children look differently at the actions of their parents' which affect even them.

This teledrama, which began its run on last April 27, telecast every Tuesday at 9.00 pm on Swarnavahini Channel.

In the cast are by Dougles Ranasinghe, Nadeeka Gunasekara, Sanoja Bibile, G. R. Perera, Janak Premalal, Palitha Silva, Susantha Chandramali and Richard Weerakkody in addition to the four child stars Sanketh Abhilas Wickramage, Thisuri Yuwanika, Janaka Mahinda Gunathilake and Hiranya Chandraguptha.

Gunatilake is an Ayurvedic doctor living with his wife Siladari who keeps on thinking about their daughter Malika. Malika lives abroad after her marriage to Ranabahu with their only son Sudeera.

Problems in Gunatilake's family starts when Ranabahu and Sudeera return to Sri Lanka alone. It is further shocked when Ranabahu announces of Malika's sudden death. Being overwhelmed with grief over the loss of their daughter Gunatilake takes motherless Sudeera to their home in the village.

Soon Sudeera gets used to the life in the village and makes friends with his cousin Dasun and other village lads. Going around the village, wandering in the jungle and bathing in waterfalls and rivers Sudeera enjoys the new life and confronts many new experiences.

Meanwhile Ranabahu, Sudeera's father remarries Yvonne, a lady with an influential background. She too has a young daughter. Sudeera who meets his new stepmother starts disliking his stepsister at the initial stage but later becomes friendly with her. Everybody in Gunatilake's family and their relatives disapprove of this early marriage after the sudden loss of the their daughter Malika.

As a protest Gunatilake decides to take care of Sudeera. Coming back to village Sudeera enjoys the tastes of the wilderness. There is a hunter living in the forest, evading police arrest over a theft of tusks which he had committed sometimes ago.

The boys who explore the jungle come across this hunter and get friendly with him. Travelling in the jungle they encounter several hazardous events.

They become instrumental in bringing some of the timber thieves before law and manage to rescue a boy who is brought by some treasure hunters as a sacrifice to get a valuable treasure and the children go on with many more heroic feats.

Meanwhile dramatic turn of events takes place in 'Ganga Addara Keºle' when Malika supposed to have died in England returns to Sri Lanka.

In the technical crew are art director Welegedara Ranasinghe, cameraman Lakshman Wickramathilaka and the editor Daya Punchihewa.

To the lyrics written by Wasantha Kumara Kobawaka music is set by Navaratne Gamage. The script is written by Somaweera Senanayake, Bandula Weerakkody has produced the minifilm.

'Samartha': A sister's mission
A girl's attempt to uncover the mysterious disappearance of her sister is the story of 'Samartha' telefilm telecast now at 8.30 pm on Mondays on Sirasa TV .
Scripted and directed by Chandraratne Mapitigama, the teledrama is produced by Sunil Ratnayake for Teleview Private Limited.

'Samartha' with her sister were brought up by her grandmother after the death of their father and the mother's abandonment. Her sister Nipuni, working in a restaurant in the hill country disappears suddenly. In bid to uncover this mystery she starts a mission alone and she goes to the very place where her sister disappeared by finding a job there. In her journey to find what happened to her sister she comes across both bitter and pleasant experiences.

The lead roles in 'Samartha' are played by Angela Seneviratne, Cyril Dharmawardena, Sanath Wimalaweera, Nayana Kumari and Mahendra Perera.

'Irasma' seeks parental love

"Irasma", the children film directed by Ariyaratne Vithanage has recently come in to limelight at a film festival in Italy.

This first children's movie funded by the Film Development Fund of the National Film Corporation gained a certificate of merit at the 12 Prix Leonardo Film Festival held in Parma, Italy.

Scripted and written by Vithanage himself the film unravels the story of the girl 'Irasma', who lost her parent's love and struggles to regain it. Ama Wijesekera plays the leading role of 'Irasma'. The film is based on Anoma Ratnayake's award winning children's novel of the same name.

'Irasma' is the only daughter of 'Tharintha", an engineer and 'Paani', a dancer. While the parents were busy with their careers Irasma lives in her own world in isolation. The hidden quarrels between the parents one day flare up into a major row and Irasma's mother meets with an accident while she trying to leave the house. Mother was taken abroad for further medical treatment and the father sought foreign employment, leaving the child abandoned without parental love. Living with her grandmother and cousin brothers Irasma is regularly disturbed with the past experience of disputes between the parents.

Determined to work hard in studies she portrays a character of a leader in school.

Even after her father returns, Irasma refuses to meet him due to the unfortunate experiences haunting her. But she undertakes the task of looking after her mother who is recovering from the accident.

There is nothing that could bring the separated mother and father together, except young Irasma's achievements.

Ariyaratne Vithanage, the only children's film director in the country entered the world of film as a scriptwriter. His first script was made into the film "Selinage Walawwa" by veteran filmmaker Dharmasiri Pathiraja.

The film was shot in Kandy and Mawanella.

The cast include Duleeka Marapana, Best Actress at the state drama festival 2000, Irangani Serasinghe, Douglas Ranasinghe, Maureen Charuni, Priyankara Ratnayake and number of other child artistes.

Having directed two children films namely "Thrupthi" and 'Athuru Mithuru", Mr. Vithanage was given a jury award for his direction including three other awards at the Presidential Awards ceremony.

To Victor Ratnayake's music and Kumaradasa Saputhanthri's lyrics Nanda Malani sang the theme song of the film.

Suminda Weerasinghe did the photography and Milton Perera handled the art direction, while Irasma was edited by Denzil Jayaweera.

Irasma will be released from June 20 in ten National Film Corporation circuit halls around the country. The main theatre will be the newly build 'Cinecity' Maradana and this was the first film to be released at the said theatre.

The film is the first production under the guidelines of the Children's film Society of Sri Lanka.

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