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Are you a clutter bug?
Is your wardrobe neat and organized, or do you hang on to clothes that no longer fit or look good? Take this quiz and find out.
1. How would you describe your wardrobe?
(a) Full to overflowing with clothes that I don't often wear
(b) Organized, with just enough clothes for special occasions
(c) Fairly full, with a few disasters, but some old favourites

2. How often do you have a clear-out?
(a) Never, I hate throwing things away
(b) Each season I go through and assess what I really need
(c) Occasionally I have a blitz, then sometimes regret it

3. How do you feel about getting rid of clothes?
(a) Guilty, especially if they are expensive
(b) It is not a problem, as I give them to charities and friends
(c) It always makes me feel better

4. Do you have many special occasion clothes?
(a) Yes, lots that will only be worn once
(b) No, I prefer to hire special outfits, which can be fun
(c) A few, but it can be a bit boring feeling you should wear them

5. Do you have many clothes that are too small to wear?
(a) Yes, lots, but I'm going to go on a diet soon
(b) No, I am realistic and give them away
(c) There are a few set aside, but I know I will never wear them again

6. Do you have special clothes for home and work?
(a) Yes, I carefully keep them separate
(b) No, I just wear whatever is clean
(c) There are some clothes I only wear for work

7. Do you feel you have a particular style?
(a) It would be great, but I seem to have lots of things that don't add up
(b) Yes, I know what suits me, and stick to it
(c) No, I like to wear different styles

8. Do most of your outfits and accessories match?
(a) No, I seem to have too many different colours
(b) Yes, I make sure that most things go together
(c) There are two basic colour schemes which co-ordinate

9. Do you find it easy to decide what to wear each day?
(a) Yes, I select everything the evening before
(b) No, I often can't decide on the right outfit
(c) Fairly easy, depending on where I am going

10. Would owning fewer clothes improve your life?
(a) No, I am addicted to buying clothes
(b) Yes, it would simplify life, and I would probably be better dressed
(c) No, I only buy what I need

Now calculate your score
1. a0 b10 c5
2. a0 b10 c5
3. a0 b10 c5
4. a0 b10 c5
5. a0 b10 c5
6. a10 b0 c5
7. a0 b10 c5
8. a0 b10 c5
9. a10 b0 c5
10. a0 b5 c10
66-100: You sound super organized, the sort of person who always has the ideal outfit for every occasion, perfectly pressed, with just the right accessories. You probably instinctively keep your wardrobe pared down to just the right clothes for the occasion, and have no problem deciding what to wear each day. You probably have a strong personal style, and only wear colours that suit you. You are probably brilliant at transforming classic clothes for special occasions with stunning accessories or dramatic jewellery. Lucky you!

65-35: Like most people, you probably wish you could simplify your life by cutting down on clothes and possessions. It's not as difficult as you think, and can make a dramatic difference. You could feel much more in control, the daily decision of what to wear would be much easier, and you would probably spend much less, but be better dressed and coordinated. On the other hand, unless you are the sort of person who is happy with a minimal, capsule wardrobe, it is probably important to have a variety of clothes to suit your moods.

0-34: Yours sounds like the wardrobe from hell, overflowing with a riotous selection of uncoordinated, inappropriate garments. You are always impulse buying, and never throw anything away, but somehow you never seem to have a thing to wear! Every special occasion causes you a wardrobe crisis, resulting in yet more panic buying, and yet another once-worn item hanging there. There are also the things you will never wear because they no longer fit. Sounds like you need to get a grip, and try out some of the techniques for cutting down on clothes. It could transform your whole life.
- Asia Features

Caritas brings the stars together
Popular singing stars Mariazelle Goonethileke, Dalreen, Maxi Rozairo, Corrine Almeida, Aubrey Weinman, Ishan, Ricky Bahar, Malik and Dilip Seneviratne and Serela Athulathmudali, will present Christian Music at Caritas.

This concert, presented by the College of World Education, Colombo, will be held today, June 1, at the Navarangahala, at 6.30 p.m. It will bring together on one stage Christian singers and musicians from Colombo as well as the choirs of the College of World Education and St. Vincent's Home, Ratnapura.

Proceeds of the concert will go towards the St. Vincent's Home for Girls in Ratnapura. Established in 1974, the home is run by the Sisters of Charity of the Convent of the Child Jesus and today houses 72 children.

The Probation Department, Police and other organizations admit underprivileged children between the ages of 5 and 18 into this unit where they are assured of care and protection. All children are admitted into schools.

During the Children's week celebrations of the past two years, the children from St. Vincent's Home, Ratnapura had outshone others both at District and National levels in music and dancing. With an aim to provide exposure to their talents, the Past Pupils Association of the Convent of the Child Jesus, Colombo have taken on this project that provides an opportunity for them to perform alongside their own students.

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