Q: If we give a brief history of Horizon Campus? Four years ago, Mr.UpulDaranagama, CEO of Horizon Campus and Horizon College International envisaged a center of learning, where students received pre-school, secondary and higher education. Mr.Daranagama, boasts 17 years of experience in the education field, and it was his vision & mission to cater affordable [...]

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Q: If we give a brief history of Horizon Campus?

Four years ago, Mr.UpulDaranagama, CEO of Horizon Campus and Horizon College International envisaged a center of learning, where students received pre-school, secondary and higher education. Mr.Daranagama, boasts 17 years of experience in the education field, and it was his vision & mission to cater affordable higher education to our students. Thus Horizon College international and Horizon Campus were established in the beautiful, stress free environment and landscape of Malabe. Horizon Campus was inaugurated three years back and has thus far delivered diploma/degree programmes in several fields of study. Horizon has now established its “City” Campus in the heart of Colombo, with student convenience and affordability in mind. Though the location of the City campus is at the heart of Colombo, the management of horizon has endeavoured to keep to its ideals of providing a serene and holistic atmosphere for students. Thus choosing the “correct” location to deliver its diploma/degree programmes.

Q: What are the Diploma/ Degree programmes on offer at Horizon Campus?
Horizon Campus presently offers degree programmes in the fields of Psychology and Education from the Karnatake State Open University. Not only does Horizon offer BS.c. &MS.c Degrees in Psychology, a Bachelor of Education, but also a Diploma’s in Pre-School & Secondary School Education. The latest addition to its portfolio is the University of London International Programmes.

Q:What are the programmes on offer from the University of London?
We at Horizon have taken the responsibility to prepare students for seven degrees offered by the world renowned University of London, within the axis of the International Programmes. Amongst the many degrees offered by the University of London, we have taken the task of providing lectures and support services for Law, Economics, Banking & Finance, Politics & International Relations, Accounting& Finance, Economics & Finance, Economics & Management and Accounting & Law.

Q: What about the Teaching Faculty?
Not only are we offering a range of degrees, but also recruited a vibrant and enthusiastic panel of lecturers, under whose guidance the degree programme could be completed within a period of three years. The lecture panel in particular, comprise of academics and professionals who have the knowledge and practical experience, in their respective fields, and who are prepared to mentor students through the period of study. The lecture panel is also complemented by international faculty for certain degree programmes.

Q: What is the input of the respective University itself in the Degree Programme?
A:The respective degree programmes of both Universitiesare conducted completely under the guidance of the University, where the subject guides, course syllabuses and examinations are prepared and assessed by staff of the University itself. There is no difference between a student who goes abroad to follow the degree and one who follows the same programe at Horizon Campus.

Q: How convenient is it for a working adult to follow the Degree/diploma programmes?
A:While studying for a degree is a challenging task, we at Horizon have planned to have the classes during the weekend, providing ample opportunity for the students to self-study. The added advantage of the programme schedule at Horizon lies in the fact that students are also able to continue with a degree, while being employed at the same time, which sits well with the “inclusive” policy of the Universities, where students in any walk of life being encouraged to study for a degree, at any stage in their professional life.

Q: What are the benefits that a young student who has completed his/her A/L’s get from following a degree at Horizon Campus?
A:The benefits that a student receives by reading for a degree at Horizon Campus are many.
The opportunity of concurrently work/study, according to the class schedule at Horizon.
The Opportunity of completing professional qualifications, whilst reading for a degree during weekends.
One gets the opportunity of studying for an internal degree of the University of London/KSOU, within your home environs. Not only does this give one a comparatively huge financial saving, but also provides a student with the peace of mind to face the challenges thrown by the degree programme, while not worrying on other external factors such as accommodation, cost of living, transport etc..
Studying for a University of London/KSOU undergraduate degree, not only provides for a financial saving, but also gives one the possibility of following a Masters or a PhD, which is always encouraged by the Universities.
The University of London LL.B. degree in particular, is one that is recognized by the Sri Lanka Law College, as being a direct entry qualification for a student who wishes to be qualified as an Attorney at Law within another 1 ½ years. This certainly negates the stress of sitting an entrance exam, which has become very competitive over the years.

Q: How costly is it to read for a Degree programme at Horizon City Campus?
A: The sole motivation of the management of Horizon is to make higher education affordable to many. It is this vision that has persuaded us to run our programmes at a very affordable cost for students who select either a KSOU or UoL Diploma/Degree programme. Not only are our costs affordable, we also arrange for other facilities such as student loans/ Easy payment schemes/ scholarships etc.., which would lessen the burden on the parents & student.
Q: Why select Horizon to read for a Diploma/Degree?
The raison d’être for setting up Horizon City Campus is based on offering the best possible educational service which is internationally recognized and qualitatively par excellenceto students in a university style teaching-learning environment. This alone makes Horizon Campus stand out against all other private educational service providers in Sri Lanka. The location and the state of the art facilities at the campus offer a congenial environment to implement the holistic concept of education. The value additions of in house accommodation, transport facilities for campus students, facilities for sports activities, added the qualified panel of lecturers, provide a unique and distinctive benefit for prospective students, who desire a “true campus atmosphere” of higher education. This forms the very heart of the philosophy of education at Horizon Campus, which is a conceptually profound deviation from the traditional “study center”, confined to mere intra-mural lectures.

Q: How do I get in contact with Horizon City Campus?
You could always get in contact with one of our well trained cordinators via the following numbers or visit us on www.horizoncampus.edu.lkFor inquiries on the Degree Programmes and Registration, Call 0716 613 613/0712 40 77 77/ 0112 369 201/2/3. You could also visit us at 7, KirimandalaMawatha, Colombo 5

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