American education leads the world

America remains the No. 1 destination for international students from all around the world, including tens of thousands of students from the UK, Australia, and Canada. Why does America attract so many of the world's brightest and most promising young students?

First is quality. No matter which international ranking one looks at, American education comes out on top. A recent Newsweek ranking showed that 80% of the world's Top Ten universities were American and over half the top 50 were American. The Times Higher Education Supplement, arguably one of the world's most respected education comparisons of universities from all around the globe, listed 13 American universities in the Top 20, including 6 in the Top 10. The quality of American university education is second to none.

Second, American Higher Education is well funded and draws on the resources and experiences of the world's largest and most dynamic economy, giving students a vibrant learning environment. America leads in nearly every known field - from Medicine and Engineering to Business, Technology, and Design. A career-oriented approach to education, practical real-life components, and a student evaluation methodology based on continual assessment means that students are well prepared for success in their chosen career field, not just able to pass exams. A broad-based approach through electives and general education requirements, especially in the early part of a university degree, means students are able to progressively build a degree program step-by-step that truly suits them and maximizes their chances of success.

Third, America allows graduates to gain experience as well as their education. The program known as Optional Practical Training (OPT) allows qualified graduates to gain a year of work experience in their career field. In many cases this means that a student who has carefully planned their university education and budget can recover the full cost of their degree while enjoying a year of valuable experience working in the world's top economy. Such experience, combined with an American degree, can lead to top jobs with leading multinational companies all around the world. Just think - America means a great education and a fantastic future!


With approximately 500 students in various programs, ANC is Sri Lanka's No. 1 provider of American education. ANC has the resources to provide Sri Lankan and international students the best facilities and faculty. Approximately 60% of ANC faculty are PhD qualified, many with their degrees from prestigious universities worldwide - this is a record that would be enviable by any university standard. In two City Campuses in the center of cosmopolitan Colombo, students have easy access to labs, computer facilities, library resources, and classrooms all purpose-built to American university standards.


ANC is unquestionably your best path to a quality American degree. With ANC you can start nearly any degree in Sri Lanka and finish it in the US - from Medicine and the Health Sciences, Engineering, and Design to Business, Computer Technology, and Law. By starting in Sri Lanka you can reduce costs by 70% or more. This allows students the chance to finish the upper-level US component at the best American universities. In an increasing number of programs you can complete up to 3 years in Sri Lanka and go to the US for the final year. Gaining familiarity with the American system through ANC will eliminate any potential "culture shock" and make your American experience much more enjoyable.

At ANC you are an American university student from the very first day so you will transfer with an American university transcript, making your transfer incredibly easy and seamless. Your studies at ANC consist of fully accredited American coursework supervised by the American university partners so you can be assured of the best possible transfer options across nearly 4,000 American universities and colleges.


In addition to offering students the absolute best education programs, ANC also provides a personalized service to help them and their parents arrange payment for their studies, A number of financial assistance options, ranging from installment payment plans to bank loans, are available and a senior Financial Aid Executive with years of experience in the financial sector is available to assist students and parents in determining which is the best option for them. The Financial Aid Executive personally assists families with every aspect of financial planning for education, including preparation of relevant bank documents.


We recommend you get sound career planning advice before making any education decision. Too many students rush into a program without fully understanding where that program will take them, including exactly what they will do, who they will work for, how much they will earn, and what their longer-term future career path is like. Unfortunately, professional career guidance is limited in Sri Lanka, especially when it comes to international opportunities. Yes, there are those who will attempt to place you for a fee or well-meaning individuals with limited experience themselves who will try to give you advice. To really succeed you need professional advice with respect to your education and career.

ANC's experienced counselors and resident American staff and faculty will give you the professional advice and personal assistance you need to make the best decisions. This service is free of charge and available for all students. A Career Assessment will help you learn about yourself and how to make the best education and career choices. Ideally this should be done as early as possible, preferably towards the end of O/Level studies. However, if a student has completed either O/Levels or A/Levels, a Career Assessment should certainly be done before making any decisions regarding university or college education as it will help avoid costly education mistakes and wrong career choices.

For more information call Hareeni on 077-3899938, Ifthikar on 0777-484484, or Shiffana on 0777-514415. Learn about yourself and learn about your chosen career for a great future…a future that begins with ANC.

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