SLC turns ‘harshly’ soft on fitness policy and benchmarks

SLC turns ‘harshly’ soft on fitness policy and benchmarks

A recent skinfold test found three key players of the national white-ball set up reporting levels exceeding the benchmark of 85mm, but a policy change…


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Novel approach to queues

Novel approach to queues

Amidst the queues for diesel and petrol, a fuel station at Flower Road, Colombo has adopted a novel approach to the problem. It has put…

SL renewable energy players move overseas

Local renewable energy players are gradually shifting their projects to Africa or altogether stalling the current projects as they lose interest in pursuing business in…

Indian, Russian tourists a quick fix for forex

Tourism authorities are drawing up plans to generate revenue through “instant” solutions by targeting India and Russia to increase the foreign exchange earnings. Sri Lanka…

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Ultimate ignominy: Whither the moves to nail culprits?

On Thursday, the United Nations made a flash appeal announcing to the world that it was responding to a call from the Government of Sri Lanka for emergency food and medicine assistance. It was the ultimate ignominy for a country long accustomed to living on foreign handouts, but almost never…


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Failures apart, UN rises as a vast humanitarian relief agency

Failures apart, UN rises as a vast humanitarian relief agency

UNITED NATIONS (IPS) – The United Nations which has failed to help resolve some of the…

The promise and pitfalls of Indian foreign policy

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Schools take up cultivation

Schools take up cultivation

With concerns about a possible food scarcity, schools too have activated cultivation programmes. Students at Viharamahadevi…

Recruitment of graduate teachers put on hold

Agro Technology and Rural Sciences Institute Ordinance amended

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