Wholesale violation of lockdown rules

Wholesale violation of lockdown rules

This picture in Pettah yesterday shows the haphazard way in the lockdown is being imposed while the COVID-19 pandemic death toll topped the one thousand…

Food rationing on the cards to ensure fair prices

A rationing system is being mooted by the Government for essential food stuffs to arrest the skyrocketing prices. Trade Minister Bandula Gunawardena is to propose…

WHO-linked medical specialists call for lockdown extension till Oct 2 to save thousands of lives

A WHO- facilitated group of Sri Lankan medical professionals has recommended extending the current lockdown to October 2 or at least till September 18 which,…


Shanaka wants more focus on training

Shanaka wants more focus on training

Requests SLC to provide throwdown specialists for training

Throwdown specialists with the ability to rachet up speeds in excess of 145kmph with the sidearm could help Sri Lankan batters better prepare to face…

First Class to be ‘defined’ by 2023

Sri Lanka’s Major Club tournament will be reduced to 15…

Sunday Times E-Paper


From sham lockdowns to smart lockdowns

The Government’s lockdown this week was neither here nor there, and now it has been extended by another week. It was clear from the very beginning that it was clamped due to sheer pressure from the general public. Shops in major towns declared a voluntary shutdown akin to a hartal…


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