Desperate for a magic cure for the virus

Desperate for a magic cure for the virus

Believing that something is better than nothing, people gathered outside the high-walled residence of a moonlighting medicine-man in Kegalle even yesterday to obtain a bottle…

Superior courts going digital; virtual court hearings soon

SC judges expedite moves, as Justice Minister reveals that tens of  thousands of cases had been pending for decades By Ranjith Padmasiri The Supreme Court…

Tourists could come to the south, east and northwest from next month; under health guidelines

The Government is planning to open the country’s borders for tourists, but will confine them to coastal areas in the south, east and the northwest…

Business Times

Blue Christmas at city hotels

Blue Christmas at city hotels

Colombo’s city hotels that usually draw large crowds every year during Christmas have been compelled to scale down operations as the coronavirus spreads and no…

Seized vehicles likely to be auctioned

At least 49 vehicles among 300 luxury vehicles worth Rs. 2 billion seized by Customs which were imported before and during the import ban, are…

Colombo Port operations nearing normalcy

Sri Lanka’s shipping industry together with the authorities are currently working out a strategy to ensure shipping lines will now return to the Colombo port…

Sunday Times E-Paper


PUCSL: “Off with their heads”

The consequences of the 20th Amendment (20A) to the Constitution that Parliament recently approved with great fanfare and brouhaha from Government members, have, as expected, come to bite the very ones who voluntarily surrendered the powers of Parliament to the Executive Presidency. Last week, with nary a warning, the Presidential…


Sunday Times 2

A vaccine that was hijacked by the rich

A vaccine that was hijacked by the rich

UNITED NATIONS (IPS) — There is a longstanding belief that virtually everything in this world is…

South Korea donates COVID-19 test kits

Road project aunched at Bangalawatte

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