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Enter the seventh Executive President

And so, an election for the seventh Executive President of the Republic has just concluded. We might say “the Executive President is gone; Long live the Executive President” as a new Head of State and Head of Government prepares to take his oath either today or tomorrow. The question the…



First Aid to Heart-Attack Victims

First Aid to Heart-Attack Victims

A training programme was conducted by the Medical students of the Karapitiya Medical Faculty and Anesthetic…

‘Inservice Advisors’ to raise teachers’ standards- MoE

NEC defers admissions, appeal process

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TV Times

Russian Classical music at Taj

Russian Classical music at Taj

Two world renowned Classical music artistes, Dmitrii Miachin and Nelia Gafiiatullina performed at the Taj Samudra…

Jazz Christmas with Gananath

Movie based on three real tales

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