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The politics of protests

Last Wednesday’s ‘People’s Power’ (Jana Balaya) rally could be dismissed as just another Opposition mass mobilisation protest march that went nowhere, or seen as a pincer move to destabilise an already wobbly coalition Government. It could be a bit of both as well. The goal of a democratic Opposition is…


TV Times

‘Dance on with The  Gypsies’

‘Dance on with The Gypsies’

‘Dance on with The Gypsies’, a sing, song and a dance night will come alive at…

Positive thinking makes Saliya more creative

SOSL POPS come alive

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Funday Times

The Disapati and other officers

The Disapati and other officers

According to the division done by the Dutch, it is the Matara division that was named…

Kids Chocolate Creations

More Funday Times

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