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The hills are alive with the sound of landslides

The drought came first, heaping untold misery upon man and beast. The deluge followed and, with it, a sweeping landslide. A succession of environmental disasters in recent years has proved that Sri Lanka remains ill-equipped to mitigate threats and save precious lives. If anything, the country is racing towards bigger…



Paper poppies that go a long way

Paper poppies that go a long way

Have you bought your poppy? Sri Lanka and the world will mark Remembrance Day on November 11 (Tuesday) and city dwellers may have been accosted by the poppy…

Kenny G’s smooth sounds on the saxophone at Nelum Pokuna

Ever since the news that Kenneth Bruce Gorelick, better known to his fans the world over as Kenny G, was coming to Sri Lanka, his fans have been…



Accidents on expressways: Human limitations and other concerns Though at least six road deaths are reported every day, still we are unable to take effective measures to bring…

How do we ‘handle’ national disasters?

In the aftermath of Koslanda everyone is an expert. Hindsight has 20:20 vision, and we can see farther than most pundits because we stand on the shoulders of…

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Mirror Magazine

More than words

More than words

Speaking to Dananjaya Hettiarachchi is like watching him on stage, inclusive of the laughter and amusing…

YMCA Carol Service on December 6 at Race Course Grandstand

Interwoven threads of our cultural fabric

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TV Times

‘Murder on the Orient Express’ by Colombo VIP Night at MLH

‘Murder on the Orient Express’ by Colombo VIP Night at MLH

A 200 years old historical building in a colonial setting, a Roaring Twenties atmosphere and a…

‘Southern Summer’ by Raw Mango

‘The 9 Days Of The 90s’

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Funday Times

Hotel de Tin Tin

Hotel de Tin Tin

Tin Tin the squirrel was enjoying a ripe red jambu, when the little girl of the…

Kids world

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